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28 Mar 2018

What is SAP PI | Why SAP PI | Importance of SAP PI


SAP PI Introduction:-

SAP PI  tutorial is meant for all those readers learning integration with SAP Process integration measure willing to be told integration work with SAP method Integration; readers who are want to refresh their PI information may also draw edges from this tutorial.


The course is meant for beginners with very little or no information of SAP PI. However, you wish to own a prelim in basic understanding of SAP Basics to create the foremost of this tutorial. SAP method Integration could be a part of the SAP Net Weaver platform. It’s referred to as SAP Net Weaver Exchange Infrastructure XI in Net Weaver seven.0 ehp2 and older versions. SAP Net Weaver method Integration could be a part of the Net Weaver software package element and is employed for an exchange of data in company’s internal system or with external parties.

What is SAP PI:

SAP PI allows you to attach SAP and non-SAP systems supported completely different programming language like Java and SAP ABAP. It provides surroundings that are necessary for complicated system landscape for the mixing of systems and for communication. SAP procedure Integration could be a middleware to permit seamless integration between SAP and non-SAP software in an exceedingly company or with systems external the corporate.


An application that’s run on different systems that square measure a part of different business units in an exceedingly company or enforced in an exceedingly distributed surroundings between different corporations that have a relationship with one another. During these surroundings, there’s a necessity for seamless integration and transfer of data between completely different systems. It modifies, however, application parts square measure enforced with business logic and focuses a lot of on knowledge exchange between the various parts. You can contemplate SAP PI as a central instance or middleware that interconnects completely different systems. The communication message protocol is predicated on W3C customary SOAP messages.

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 Why to Learn SAP PI?

In a company, SAP ERP doesn’t contain one system, however, consists of a variety of integrated systems like SAP CRM, FICO, EWM, etc. SAP PI provides a platform for the single purpose of integration for all systems while not touching complicated gift system for all knowledge and knowledge exchange. Connectivity Using SAP PI, connect the systems that have different technical ways that of communication. SAP PI provides you with a range of adapters that enable you to attach applications supported completely different protocols like HTTPS or Remote call (RFC).


Routing defines the foundations for the flow of messages between completely different systems at runtime.


SAP PI is employed to attach applications or systems in distributed surroundings manner that may become upon between different a companies, thus there’s a possibility that the structure of knowledge exchange between 2 parts differs from one another. ABAP Stack Adapters

1] IDOC Adapter

2] Service Repository

3] Enterprise Service Repository

4] System Landscape Directory

5] Integration Repository

SAP PI interface tools to access completely different parts:-

– Metal Builder

– SAP compass point Developer Studio

– Integration Builder

 SAP PI Platform:-

ABAP Stack —-> Java Stack

Integration Engine —->Enterprise Service Repository ESR

Business method Engine —-> Integration Directory

Integration Builder —–> (Runtime workbench, System Landscape, Adapter Engine, Mapping Runtime)

SAP PI Training


SAP PI homepage has following four Java Links

– Enterprise Service Repository (ESR)

– Integration Directory (ID)

– System Landscape (SL)

– Configuration & Monitoring (CM)

Enterprise Services Repository (ESR)

It is want to create objects to be employed in integration situation. Design interface objects & Mapping objects and therefore the totally different integration processes

Interface Objects:-

– Service Interface

– Information sort

– Message sort

Technical Systems − you’ll be able to read and outline systems and servers.

Landscapes − you’ll be able to read and tack cluster of systems.

Business Systems − you’ll be able to read and tack business systems to be used in method Integration.

Software Catalog:-

Products − this can be to look at merchandise in SAP computer code catalog.

Software elements − this can be to look at computer code elements in SAP computer code catalog.

CIM Instances − this can be wont to read and maintain information on CIM level.

Configuration and Monitoring

Component watching – to monitor totally different Java and ABAP elements of SAP PI.

Message watching – to monitor the standing of message process in SAP PI part.

Performance watching – you’ll be able to monitor totally different performance measures in an exceedingly SAP PI system. You’ll be able to produce varied aggregation reports.

End to end monitoring – to monitor end to finish lifecycle in SAP PI system for a situation.

Message Index Search – you’ll be able to perform Index-based message search in message watching and you’ll be able to additionally search supported adapter specific choice, etc.

Alert Inbox – Alert inbox is as per the role appointed to a business user and is employed for viewing all the alerts in SAP PI system as per configuration.

Alert Configuration – the Alert framework in C&M permits you to report all the errors throughout message process in ABAP and Java. Exploitation alert configuration, you’ll be able to outline policy, if Associate in Nursing alert must be rumored for error and to perform analysis or not.

Monitoring of Run-time Cache – this can be used to read objects in the run-time cache.


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