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Vmware Cloud on AWS Training


VMware Cloud on AWS training: During the training, you will learn to deploy and manage the VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware vSphere features that build a foundation for a hybrid infrastructure. This course explains the key elements of AWS and VMware. With this course, you will be able to effectively deploy secure and robust applications on AWS and also identify the appropriate AWS service based on data, compute or security requirements.VMware Cloud on AWS Certification Training is curated by industry professionals as per the industry requirements and demands.


VMware Cloud on AWS is an on-demand service with access to a broad range of AWS services which enables you to run applications across vSphere-based cloud environments. IT teams can easily manage their cloud-based resources with familiar VMware tools with these services. This service optimized to run on a dedicated, elastic, bare-metal AWS infrastructure and also to integrate vSphere, vSAN, and NSX along with VMware vCenter management.

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Course Name VMware Cloud on AWS training
Contents VMware Cloud on AWS Introduction, Storage, Networking
Duration 35 Hours with Flexible timings
Delivery Instructor Led-Live Online Training
Eligibility Anyone Graduate
Ideal For Aspirants seeking to learn cloud computing
Availability Regular/Weekend Batches. 24×7 teaching assistance and support.
LiveOnline Training Live VMware Training by Certified & Industry Expert Trainers by Providing On-Demand Server and Lab access.


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Course Objectives

What you’ll learn in Vmware Cloud on AWS Training Course?

  • Describe the architecture of VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Access and deploy a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
  • Differentiate between on-premises VMware vSAN™ and vSAN for VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Configure internal, external, and inter-SDDC networking
  • Configure a connection between an on-premises vSphere SDDC and a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
  • Describe how to right-size a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
  • Configure the scale-up and scale-down of a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
  • Migrate virtual machines between on-premises vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs
  • Create and configure virtual machines in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Connect and use other AWS solutions with VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Connect and use other VMware solutions with VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Configure access and permissions for VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Identify best practices for security hardening of a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
  • Identify best practices for the maintenance of a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
  • Identify patching considerations, requirements, and best practices for VMware Cloud on AWS when connected to an on-premises vSphere SDDC
  • Access support, documentation, and diagnostic information for VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Discuss failure and troubleshooting scenarios for a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC

What are the pre-requisites to learn VMware Cloud  Course?

  • Understand concepts presented in the VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.7] course or a later vSphere version.
  • Equivalent knowledge and administration experience with VMware ESXi and VMware vCenter Server.
  • High-level understanding of vSAN and VMware NSX for vSphere.

Who can go for VMware Cloud on AWS Training?

  • Experienced system administrators, 
  • system engineers
  • system integrators



Course Curriculum

1.  Course Introduction

  • Introductions and Course Logistics
  • Course Objectives
  • Identify Additional Resources for after this Course
  • Identify Other VMware Education Offerings

2. Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS

  • Why Choose VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Overview of VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Integrations with AWS
  • Licensing, Pricing, and Billing

3. Managing the SDDC and creating Virtual Machines

  • Creating and Managing Users in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Deploying and Accessing an SDDC
  • Transferring Content to the SDDC
  • Creating Virtual Machines

4. VMware Cloud on AWS: Networking

  • Overview of VMware Cloud on AWS Networking
  • Configure Management Gateway Networking
  • Configure Compute Gateway Networking
  • Inter-SDDC Networking

5. VMware Cloud on AWS: Storage

  • VMware vSAN in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Using Amazon S3 with VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Using Amazon EFS with VMware Cloud on AWS

6. Working with On-Premises VMware vSphere

  • Hybrid Linked Mode
  • Hybrid Cloud Extension
  • Migrating Virtual Machines

7.  VMware Cloud on AWS Permissions and Security

  • Understand VMware Cloud on AWS Permissions
  • Security Hardening for VMware Cloud on AWS

8 Scaling the SDDC and Host Management

  • Sizing the SDDC
  • Cluster Management
  • Add and Remove Hosts
  • Host Remediation

9 Resource Management and Availability

  • vSphere DRS and Elastic DRS
  • HA and vSphere FT

10 Using Other VMware Products with the SDDC

  • Site Recovery Add-On Service
  • VMware Horizon®
  • VMware vRealize® Automation
  • Using APIs and VMware vSphere® PowerCLI

11 Maintaining and Troubleshooting VMware Cloud on AWS

  • Best Practice Maintenance
  • Support and Staying Up-to-Date
  • Common Troubleshooting Steps
  • Next Steps to use VMware Cloud on AWS
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