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21 Jan 2017

Unleash the power of Identity with Sailpoint Online Training

Sailpoint Identity is governance based innovative identity management that helps in password management, compliance, and provisioning activities for varied purposes running on areas or from your cloud. It helps reduce cost and complexity of complying with different regulations and delivers access to users. It is an undisputed leader that brings in the power of identity to enterprise customers in a global context. SailPoint provides the platform wherein different enterprises may enter new markets, scaleup their workforces, initiate upon new technologies, come up with new innovations and complete them in a secured manner. SailPoint’s customers are said to be among the world’s largest companies in every industry virtually.

Sailpoint provides faster, and a convenient application access that helps keep the business users productive, and access controls that ensure the safety of the business. IdentityIQ integrates the framework, provisioning and governance. It is because of this access, that IdentityIQ consistently applies security and the business policies, the risk and role models across all the IAM activities.

Sailpoint identity IQ ensures that it meets the requirements of big businesses with the intricate IAM procedures that prefer to customize their solutions in order to meet specific business needs. It is a web-based alternative, using web/database and application host as systems.

Some of the key aspects of SailPoint Identity IQ for organizations:

SailPoint Identity IQ helps to:

  • Manage the company’s compliance with the use of automated access certifications and its policy management
  • Enable users to request access and reset passwords
  • Automate the provisioning across the user lifecycle. This is done by simplifying the process to create, modify, and revoke access
  • Enable secure and convenient access to various applications, from various devices.
  • Provide an indepth picture of data access and users.

Sailpoint identity IQ online training is thus designed in a manner to understand the data access by the user from any data center, device, or from the cloud. This training helps you to get a clear picture of all these concepts and introduces various tools and applications which one may use and understand as to how to manage the data from any device and any place keeping intact the efficacy and its security.

The online Sailpoint Training course helps you to understand various concepts such as:

  • The Identity and Access Management – IAM
  • Identity Governance introduction
  • Product Architecture and Installation
  • On boarding Additional Application types
  • Identity cubes, Filter strings
  • API Overview and much more

The main objective of Sailpoint online training is to make the learner understand the fundamentals of the course, Frameworks, relationships, and functionalities, the Principles and practices that are used in Sailpoint, and the real time examples and results.

The online Sailpoint Identity IQ course helps you to learn these concepts and move ahead with confidence.

For more information, visit…… https://www.iqonlinetraining.com/sailpoint-online-training/

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