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User Interface- UI Development is one of the hottest topics across industries today, thanks to the forays made in technology and the rise of e-commerce and smart gadgets. User interface development has also gained importance as the need of intelligent smart and intuitive customer handling mechanisms have become pertinent and indispensable for organizations today. The onus of creating a memorable and great user experience lies on the shoulders of the UI developer so we made UX design course to accommodate all the solutions of the current scenario to give an brief exposure to ux design and he therefore needs to be adapt with different technologies and learn ux design effectively to be able to furnish this experience.

Our ux design training will be given by experts who have 10+ years in ui designing (who have given ui training across the world for 100’s of batches) with live projects to work on this will ensure to become a good ui developer.

The UI Developer course at IQ Tech understands the importance of good UI design and offers a course that covers the latest and best UI development mechanisms.


Course NameUI Developer Online Training
ContentsFundamentals of UI Development
Duration60 Hours with Flexible timings
DeliveryInstructor Led-Live Online Training
EligibilityCreative bent of mind and basic knowledge of UI Development
Ideal ForProfessional seeking to make a career in UI Design and Development
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Course Objectives


  • Introduces you to the basic of UI Design and development
  • Gives an overview of different kinds of environment, users and their expectations from the UI
  • Covers topic of psychology of users and how to win users with UI development
  • Covers in detail HTML fundamentals
  • Focuses on working with CSS
  • Explains on how to use links and lists
  • Includes module on Bootstrap
  • Covers topics on Angular JS
  • Keeps you updated with the latest happenings in Oracle Exadata


UI Development and Design is one of the most sought out specialization in the industry today. An interesting and creative field it has seen a tremendous rise in the last few years. With the growing competition and lesser attention span of individuals it is imperative to create interesting, intuitive, intelligent and fast UIs. A course in UI development helps a user sharpen his creative acumen, gather required technical knowledge and understand the latest in the field of UI development.

Course Curriculum


  • Fundamentals & Benefits of HTML
  • First Look of a HTML Document
  • Detailed Coverage of New Features of HTML
  • Design Limitations of HTML
  • Overview of HTML Page Header
  • Overview of HTML Page Navigation
  • Overview of HTML Page Section & Articles
  • Overview of HTML Page Footer
  • Introduction of HTML documents
  • Working Knowledge of doctype
  • Importance of The head element, The body element
  • Working Knowledge of <head>
  • Working Knowledge of id and class attributes
  • Importance of Headings , Block Vs. Inline Elements & Whitespace
  • Working Knowledge of Headings
  • Working Knowledge of Block and Inline Elements
  • Working Knowledge of Whitespace
  • Importance of Additional Text Elements , Lists & Link concepts
  • Working Knowledge of Additional Elements
  • Working Knowledge of Creating Lists
  • Working Knowledge of List Rendering
  • Working Knowledge of Linking Documents
  • Overview of Targets, Additional Link Attributes & Table Elements
  • Working Knowledge of Linking to Targets
  • Working Knowledge of Structuring a Table
  • Importance of Table Data , Spanning Columns & Rows
  • Working Knowledge of Table Formatting


  • HTML Forms Introduction
  • Working Knowledge of HTTP Get Request
  • Working Knowledge of HTTP POST Request
  • Working Knowledge of Form Input Elements
  • Overview of Form Basics & Form Settings
  • Working Knowledge of Form Basics
  • Working Knowledge of Form Settings
  • Importance of Text inputs, Selections & Input attributes
  • Working Knowledge of Text inputs
  • Working Knowledge of Selections
  • Working Knowledge of Input attributes
  • Importance of Image and Object Concepts
  • Working Knowledge of Adding Images & Adding Objects
  • Details on Form New Input Types , Elements
  • Working knowledge of New Attributes in Form Tag
  • Working knowledge of New Attributes in <input> Tag


  • Overview of Coordinates ,Path & Curves
  • Working knowledge of Drawing Lines, Rectangles and Circles
  • Working knowledge of Text and Font
  • Working knowledge of Color Gradiations
  • Working knowledge of Drawing Images



  • Overview of Audio, Video & Source tags
  • Working knowledge of Track tag
  • Working knowledge of Mime types supported
  • Overview of Browser Compatibility
  • Working knowledge of Javascript Programming


  • Conceptual & Fundamentals of CSS
  • Understanding Document Object Model
  • Overview of style sheets
  • Working knowledge of CSS Syntax, CSS Comments
  • Working knowledge of CSS
  • Working knowledge of External style sheet , Internal style sheet
  • Working knowledge of Inline style
  • Overview of The element Selector
  • Overview of The id Selector
  • Overview of The class Selector
  • Overview of Grouping Selectors
  • Working knowledge of Background Color , Background Image
  • Operation on Background Image : Repeat Horizontally or Vertically
  • Operations on Background Image : Set position & no-repeat
  • Working knowledge of CSS Font Families, Font Style & Font Size
  • Working knowledge of Text Color , Text Alignment &Text Decoration
  • Overview of Text Transformation


  • Working knowledge of Styling Links
  • Explore Common Link Styles
  • Working knowledge of List Item Markers
  • Working knowledge of Image as The List Item Marker
  • Working knowledge of Table Borders , Collapse Borders
  • Working knowledge of Table Width and Height , Text Alignment& Table Padding
  • Working knowledge of Table Color , Web colors, hex colors & Color tools
  • Working knowledge of Content , Padding, Border & Margin
  • Explore CSS Display & Visibility
  • Elements Float Functionality
  • Working knowledge of Turning Off Float by Using Clear
  • Positioning : Static , Fixed, Relative & Absolute


  • Overview of CSS3
  • Working knowledge of Selectors & Box Model
  • Functionality of border-radius, box-shadow & border-image
  • Working knowledge of background-size , background-origin
  • Working knowledge of Linear Gradients ,Radial Gradients
  • Explore text-shadow, word-wrap
  • Working knowledge of custom fonts
  • Working knowledge of Font Descriptors
  • Functionality of translate, rotate, scale, skew& matrix
  • Functionality of rotate , Animations& Transitions


  • Functionality of Variables, Arrays , Strings & Loops
  • Working knowledge of If/else & equivalence
  • Working knowledge of Object Literals , JSON
  • Working knowledge of Functions
  • Javascript Scope & Hoisting


  • Explore JQuery Library
  • Experience First JQuery
  • Functionality of The Document Ready Function
  • Functionality of special character
  • Functionality of Basic Selectors , Precise Selectors
  • Functionality of Combination of Selectors
  • Overview of Hierarchy Selectors
  • Functionality of Selection Index Filters
  • Functionality of Visibility Filters
  • Functionality of Forms Selectors , Forms Filters
  • Overview of Events Helpers
  • Work on Attach Event , Detaching Events
  • Work on Events Triggering
  • Work on Live Events
  • Overview of UI frame work
  • Explore JQuery Effects
  • Explore JQuery & HTML Manipulation


  • Introduction to Bootstrap3
  • History , Conceptual & Importance of Bootstrap
  • Set Bootstrap in to page
  • Explore Grid System , Grid Classes
  • Functionality of Bootstrap Stacked/Horizontal
  • Functionality of Bootstrap Grid Small
  • Functionality of Bootstrap Grid Medium
  • Functionality of Bootstrap Grid Large
  • Explore Text , Contextual Colors & Backgrounds
  • Functionality of Rounded Corners , Circle& Thumbnail
  • Functionality of Inside Container , Outside Container
  • Functionality of Button Styles
  • Work on btn-default , btn-primary, btn-success
  • Work on btn-info ,btn-warning, btn-danger &btn-link
  • Explore Button Sizes
  • Work on btn-lg, btn-md , btn-sm& btn-xs
  • Overview of Active/Disabled Buttons
  • Overview of Vertical Button Groups
  • Overview of Nesting Button Groups & Drop Down Menus
  • Explore Functionality of Bootstrap Glyphicons
  • Explore Functionality of Bootstrap Pagination
  • Explore Functionality of Bootstrap Pager
  • Explore Functionality of Bootstrap List Groups
  • Explore Functionality of Bootstrap Forms
  • Explore Functionality of Bootstrap Inputs
  • Explore Functionality of Bootstrap Carousel
  • Explore Functionality of Bootstrap Plugins


  • Architecture , Version & Tools of Angular
  • Functionality of Angular Seed
  • Functionality of AngularJS Controllers & Scope
  • Working Knowledge of Controllers
  • Functionality of border-image
  • Work on Displaying Repeating Information
  • Working Knowledge of ng-repeat
  • Working Knowledge of Event Handling
  • Overview of Event Scope , Event Directives
  • Functionality of built in directives & Other Directives
  • Functionality of Expressions, Filters & Built-in Filters
  • Conceptual & Benefits of two way binding
  • Working Knowledge of Two Way Binding
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Great Experience !!

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At IQ Online Training I got training for this certification and it was user- friendly and good learning experience having the training with a self-paced option was helpful for me and the quiz helps me to understand the course much better. The Course was with good information and the lecture was by talented people and I helped me a lot to pursue the certification. Also the support team over the chat was really responsive and helpful.

Support from the team is just awesome

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You are setting new standards for service. Support from the team is just awesome. Quick, Consistent and Crisp.

Very good solution for getting certified ONLINE

5 5 1
IQ Online Training is the best way to get certified in this competitive world. Easy to select and sign up for a relevant course. Very good counselling service on chat and phone. The Course Material and Resources are world class and can be accessed very easily It also saves a lot of time and money by cutting down on the candidate travelling to around places to find a right Institute. All in all a very good solution for getting certified ONLINE.

IQ Online Trainings Six Sigma Green belt certification review

5 5 1
Study Material is really good. Support is very good. Need to be more specific about the exam. Need to add more FAQs about the exam

Great courses and professional treatment

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Great courses and good starting point for multiple domains of knowledge. Comprehensive coverage of topics for various courses like Course is really great.

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