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SAS Clinical Training

SAS Clinical is a leader in clinical data analysis in multiple industries in various fields throughout the world. SAS provides the best in its services, quality, opportunities and growth across the entire globe. It analyzes the clinical data from various sources and reporting in the life sciences or the pharmaceutical industry. It provides the best of SAS data warehousing capabilities with specific functionality to give a powerful solution for clinical data transformations.

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Course Summary

Course Name SAS Clinical Online Training
Contents Fundamentals and Concepts of SAS Clinical data analysis
Duration 30 Hours with Flexible timings
Delivery Instructor Led-Live Online Training
Eligibility Any Graduate
Live Online Training Live Interactive Training by Certified & Industry Expert Trainers by Providing On-Demand Server and Lab access.
Ideal For Aspiring job seekers in the field of  Statistical analysis or Programming
Availability Regular/Weekend Batches. 24×7 teaching assistance and support.

Course Objectives

What you’ll learn in SAS Clinical Training Course?

  • Read Spreadsheet and Database Data and Access SAS libraries.
  • Comprehend global and local symbol tables.
  • Produce Detail Reports.
  • Examine tests for general and linear association using the FREQ procedure.
  • Create macro variables in SQL.
  • Fit an easy linear regression model with the REG procedure.
  • Comprehend t Tests and Analysis of Variance.
  • Control when a record loads and Write observations explicitly.
  • Identify tests for Familiar and linear association using the FREQ procedure.
  • Read raw data files with formatted input.
  • Write to multiple SAS data sets.


What are the pre-requisites to learn SAS Clinical Course?

Familiarity with Clinical Trial Data and Statistical Analysis, Knowledge of Any Programming Language

Course Curriculum

Download Course Curriculum

Module 1: SAS Exposure In Organizations

Topics: History of SAS, What is Clinical Research Study?, SAS Comes in ERP Sector or Not? Why?, What is DBMS?, Introduction to Standard Operating Procedure, Introduction to Statistical Analysis Plan

Module 2: Getting Started With SAS Systems

Topics: Managing Windows In SAS Window Environment, Data and Proc Steps, Data Step Compile and Execution, Using the SAS In Different Sectors, Changing Variable Types, Working with Data Storage, Reading Raw Data SAS Environment into DataSet, Read Any Type of External Raw Data into SAS, Understand Error Messages, Transforming Data, SAS Functions, Creating Summary Information

Module 3: Perform Iterative Processing Of Data

Topics: Using Do Loops For Repetitive Calculations and Processing, Using Conditional Looping, Using Arrays to Process Across an Observation and Processing

Module 4: Utilities To Manage And Work With Datasets

Topics: Merging Concepts, Using the Update and Modify Statement, Interleaving Concept and Merging, Concatenation Concept in Merging, Using ODS Concept, Role of ODS Concepts, Kind of Match Merging, Generate SAS Output in Different Panels, Relevant Base SAS Procedures

Module 5: Utility Procedures

Topics: Import Procedure, Dbload Procedure, Export Procedure, Comport Procedure, Copy Procedure, Delete Procedure, Cport Procedure, Options Procedure, Setininte Procedure, Append Procedure, Template Procedure, Sort Procedure, Compare Procedure, Format Procedure, Print to Procedure, Datasets Procedure, Transpose Procedure, Access Procedure

Module 6: Reporting Procedures

Topics: Print Procedure, Gplot Procedure, Gchartt Procedure, Report Procedure, Chart Procedure, Tabulate Procedure, Plot Procedure

Module 7: Stat Procedures

Topics: Means Procedure, Freq Procedure, Rank Procedure, Corr Procedure, Test Procedure, Freq Procedure, Anova Procedure, Univariate Procedure, Reg Procedure, Glm Procedure, Introduction to SQL Concepts, Creation of Reports, Views, Indexes, and New Tables, Summary Procedure, Ztest Procedure,

Module 8: Joining Data

Topics: What is Join?, Defining Cartesian Products, Right, Left, Outer, Full and Inner Join, Cross Join, Union Join, Set Operator

Module 9:  Advanced SQL Topics

Topics: How to Use SAS Macros in SQL, Retrieve Raw Data, Create Table in Different Databases, Manage in Different Databases, Using SAS SQL Statement

Module 10: Pass Trough Facility

Topics: Uses of Pass-Through Facility, Control and Manage Other Databases from the SAS, Communicate With Other Database

Module 11: SAS Or Macros

Topics: Macro Concepts & Advantages, Macros And Macro Variables, SAS Macro Language, Creating Modular Code with Macros, Using Macro Variables, Creating Macro Variables, Adding Parameters to Macros, Invoking A Macro, Writing Macros With Conditional Logic, Macro Functions, Nesting of Macros, Using Various Procedures in Macro Variables, Multiple and Multi-Level Macros

Module 12: SAS Datawarehousing

Topics: Data warehousing Concepts, SAS/OLAP Concepts, Introduction to ETL, SAS/ETL Concepts

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