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SAP UI5 Training

SAP UI5 training can make you well versed with SAP Fiori Functionality, architecture, and installation; perform various configuration and extension of Fiori apps, Fiori Launchpad and many more during the course. At IQ online, we select our trainer meticulously who has great industry experience, so that they can use their complete experience to train you and make you industry ready by the end of the training.

SAP UI5 is a UI development kit for HTML5 standard, which is the latest technology for the interface. It is a collection of libraries with a rich set of extension and standard controls and a lightweight programming model, that is used to build and adapt to client applications using HTML5 web development standards. It supports CSS3 and RIA, and compiles with Open Ajax and can be used along with open source JQuery library. It is employed for business applications and built inextensible code and concepts and application level.

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Course NameSAP UI5 Online Training
ContentsFundamentals and Concepts of SAP UI5
Duration30 Hours with Flexible Timings
DeliveryInstructor Led-Live Online Training, Learning Management System Access.
EligibilityAny Graduate
Live Online TrainingLive Interactive SAP UI5 Training by Certified & Industry Expert Trainers by Providing Server and Lab access.
AvailabilityRegular/Weekend Batches. 24×7 Teaching Assistance and Support.

Course Objectives

What you’ll learn in SAP UI5 Training Course?

  • Understanding of SAP Fiori functionality, architecture, installation, authorization and deployment.
  • Perform configuration and extensions of SAP Fiori Applications.
  • Learn various architectures.
  • Learn installation of the XS Engine.
  • Learn configuration of Analytic Apps.
  • Familiarity with the fundamentals of SAP NetWeaver Gateway OData Services.
  • Understand Transactional Apps, Analytic Apps, Fact Sheets, and the SAP Fiori Launchpad various configurations.
  • Complete understanding of SAP Fiori Applications functionality.

Who can go for SAP UI5 Training?

A candidate with a basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript or any application or web – designer or developer interested in SAP UI5 or Fiori can learn this course, even a fresher with creative or design thinking can opt this as their career.

What are the pre-requisites to learn SAP UI5 Course?

SAPX04 and SAPX05 or equivalent knowledge, work experience of Javascript and HTML5

Why learn SAP UI5 Online Training Course?

SAP UI5 has been widely used across companies because of its easy nature of creating apps that work on multiple devices. Since building websites & apps has been growing with the technology, SAP UI5 consultants’ requirement is also increasing. SAP UI5 training can hone one’s skills or inculcate new skills to be able to compete with the outside world. With a great strategy from rich experienced trainers, we at IQ Online Training provide you with world class SAP UI5 online training that gives you enough skills to land in a job.

Course Curriculum

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TOPICS: SAP user Interface for HTML5, Creating our First Web Page, Introduction to HTML5, Lists, Line Breaks, Paragraphs, and Headers, Linking to Another Page, Bold, Italics and Comments, Directory Structures, New Audio Tag, New Video Tag, Table, Images


TOPICS: External Style Sheet, CSS Comments, Box Model, Border, The Margin and the Padding, Working with Colors, Classes, Div and Span, Font Properties, ID’s, Pseudo Classes, Child Selectors, Styling Links, Rounded Corners, Styling Lists, Linear Gradient, Background Images, New Tags for the Layout, Float and Clear


TOPICS: Introduction to Javascript, Finding Errors, Variables, Data Types, Statements and Comments, Events, Functional with Multiple Parameters, Operators, Functions, Functions with Parameters, Arrays, Statements, Variable Scope, While Loop, for Loop, Referencing Elements in Javascript, Strings, Changing an Image Source, Objects, Methods and Properties, Form Values, Forms, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, Events, Form Validation Text-Boxes, and Passwords, DOM Manipulation, Selectors, Using a Timer


TOPICS: Eclipse IDE, Apache Tomcat, JDK 6.0, ABAP Environment in Eclipse, MVC Architecture of SAPUI5, SAPUI5 in Depth Concepts, Architecture of SAPUI5, UI Bootstrap, SAPUI5 Plug-Ins for Eclipse, Blue Crystal, SAPUI5 Themes, SAPUI5 Developer Guide, Platinum, Gold Reflection, UX, SAPUI5 Controls or Types of Controls, Simple Controls, High Contrast Black, Formatted Textview, Image, Button, Textview, Link, Scrollbar


TOPICS: Accordion, Paginator, Table, Application Header, Tree Table


TOPICS: Grid, Form, Layout Controls, Matrix, Tabstrip, Splitter, Vertical, Horizontal, Responsive Flow Layout, Panel, Responsive Grid Layout


TOPICS: Messagebox, Dialog, Shell, Toolpopup


TOPICS: Checkbox, Dropdown box, Combo box, File uploader, Datepicker, Radiobutton, Listbox, Textfield, Textarea, Searchfield, Control Libraries


TOPICS: XML Views, HTML Views, JS Views, Controllers, JSON Views, Onbeforrendering Function, Oninit Function, Onafterrendering Function, Models or Types of Models, JSON Model, On exit Function, OData Model, XML Model, Internationalization, Language Independent Application


TOPICS: One and Two Way Binding, Property Binding, Binding Types, Element Binding, Aggregation Binding, Debug the SAPUI5 Application, Fragments, Share or Retrieve the Project to or from ABAP Repository, JS Fragment, Building Fiori like UI With SAPUI5,Mobile Libraries, XML Fragment, Advanced Topics, Navigation, Shell Control, Split  App Control, Charts in SAPUI5, Consuming Odata Service into UI Application

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Good n reasonable

4 5 1
IQ online training is very good, the material is to the point and they give you enough time to complete the course and the pricing seems reasonable as well compared to other training institute or website, there the variety of course as well. I ran out of time due to personal commitments however IQ team was very helpful and extended the time to complete the course and the certification. Appreciate the customer service dedication

Well Organised and Well Experienced

5 5 1
The instructor is well organised and well experienced; understand the pulse of audience very well and pays attention to detail - the way he paused between running commands to let the users first observe him and then try themselves indeed shows it. Hats off to him !

sap sec

4 5 1
excellent materials

great place to learn new technologies online

5 5 1
you can learn while on job!!! gr8 resource..

Automated Learning powered by IQ oNLINE TRAININGS

4 5 1
I have completed my Course Learning from IQ Online trainings. It was a wonderful Learning Experience crafted by IQ ONLINE TRAININGS team. Looking forward for the Certification soon!! Regards, Niladri SAP HCM Consultant

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