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14 Feb 2018

SAP UI5 Overview | SAP UI5 Architecture – Features



SAP UI5 is a client UI technology based on JavaScript, CSS, and html5. Sapui5 applications run in a browser. Servers come into play for deploying your applications, storing the sapui5 libraries and connecting to a database.


sap ui5

Pre-Requisite –

  • Basics of HTML HTML file structure and comfortable in working with markup tags. No need to be expert in HTML5 but basic knowledge is necessary.
  • CSS – CSS is second pre-requisite which is also not mandatory but basics are very important and good to know.
  • JavaScript – This is the mandatory thing to know before starting with SAPUI5. Because SAPUI5 is completely depended on JavaScript and other JS libraries.


Learn to Become a Successful Agent in SAP UI5


What is SAP UI5:-

It is SAP’s User Interface Development Toolkit for HTML5, simply SAPUI5. It is the latest technology in SAP area.

SAP has been trying so difficult to make the UI svelte and flexible for a long-term, however, it becomes now not as much as the standards while evaluating to famous technologies to be had inside the marketplace. SAPUI5 is a sign of change in SAP technique to UI.

SAPUI5 is an SAP’s library framework evolved the use of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and other internet technology. It can provide a better user interface for the SAP products.

Note: There is also an open-source version called OpenUI5.

This User Interface is Simple, Multi-device well suited and easy to use. To work with this framework you must aware of the basics of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS…

Technically, it supports software developers in growing rapid and smooth User Interface Applications based totally on HTML5 and JavaScript. It looks after tool compatibility properly (Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets).


SAP UI5 Architecture:-


Working of SAP UI5 application:-

We have a back-end, front-end, and an intermediate system.

  • Back-end system: As a back-end, we can use SAP Systems which include ECC or SRM or CRM. Here we are able to store and fetch all out records. It consists of ABAP items consisting of Tables, Classes, RFC, BAPI’s, etc…
  • Intermediate system: As an intermediate between front-end to back-end we have a system called Netweaver Gateway Server. Here we are able to write all database queries and other back-end side logic. All records will come to Front-end from Netweaver Gateway.
  • Front-end system: As a front-end, we have SAPUI5 utility. It will have all UI elements with the intention to show in browsers and in every other device.

System Connection:

SAP system saves the records in a table layout. Netweaver Gateway service will fetch statistics from SAP systems and generates OData service within the format of XML, JSON or XSL.  The front-end programs will generate OData or Https requests from the front-end and request for the records.

For the request, that generated information could be serviced. After getting data from Netweaver Gateway services UI5 application will display information in the form of UI Elements which include forms, graphs, tables, etc…


SAP UI5 Training


 SAP Overview:-

SAP presents numerous equipment that the users can use to enhance their user level in to create apps with wealthy user interfaces for Web enterprise programs. The maximum common enablement tools include −

  • Theme Designer
  • NWBC and Side Panel
  • FPM Screens
  • SAP UI5 Development Tools

sap ui5 overview

SAP UI5 Features:-

SAP UI5 provides the subsequent key functions −

  • It provides extensibility principles on the code and application stage.
  • It provides the ability to create complex UI patterns and predefined layouts for typical use instances.
  • Provides the Model-View-Controller (MVC) and records binding methods.
  • Keyboard interaction guide and accessibility functions.
  • SAP UI5 is based on open standards like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.
  • It provides theming aid based on the CSS.

Advantages of SAP UI5:-

Following are the benefits of the use of SAP UI in business −

  • It enables in growing productiveness.
  • Increase user adaption.
  • Less manual mistakes.
  • Reduce the fee for training.
  • The High performance of SAP machine.
  • Perfectly designed API and can be fed on effortlessly.

SAP UI5 ─ Version

There is a number of listings of recent UI5 versions that have introduced. Each UI5 provides new capabilities and improvements from the preceding versions, platform assist, usability improvements, and many others.

  • SAP UI5 1.26
  • SAP UI5 1.28
  • SAP UI5 1.30
  • SAP UI5 1.32
  • SAP UI5 1.34
  • SAP UI5 1.36
  • SAP UI5 1.38 and much more like SAP UI5 1.6

Version Scheme:-

SAP UI5 uses the 3-digit version number. For example, SAPUI5 1.36.5 here,

The digit (1) – It specifies the major version.

The second digit (36) – It specifies the minor version number.

The third digit (5) – It specifies the patch version number.

The patches can be identified by using the major and minor version, as well as the patch version in SAP UI5.

SAP UI5 vs. Open UI5:-

SAP UI5 and Open UI5, both offer the UI development environment. SAP UI5 is part of the SAP product suite and isn’t always a separate license. It is incorporated with exceptional SAP merchandise like −

  • SAP NW 7.4 or higher
  • SAP Net Weaver AS 7.3x
  • SAP HANA Cloud and on-premise solution

Open UI5 is an open supply technology for software improvement and it became released with Apache 2.0.

SAP UI5 is not a separate product and is available with the SAP product suite

SAP UI5 is integrated with

  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform
  • SAP Netweaver higher releases

Open UI5 is a free open source platform for application development

Open UI5 was introduced with an Apache 2.0 license

OpenUI5 is Open Source and is available on GitHub


SAP UI5 supports the following browsers from Microsoft
UI5 Browser Support:-

  • Google
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer with the latest releases.

The supported feature varies with the browser version and the vendor.












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