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08 Mar 2018

SAP Shortcut Keys that Every Beginner Must Know


SAP Keyboard Shortcuts:

You can use a keyboard shortcut Instead of an SAP icon button. A keyboard shortcut is a key or combination of keys that you may use to access icon button functions while you’re operating in SAP. On a PC, the icon name and keyboard shortcut are displayed when you vicinity the mouse over the icon.

Note: Keyboard shortcuts can be special for the identical icon relying upon the SAP screen you are in.

MAC Note: The Mac does not show keyboard shortcuts, however, the keys feature similar to on a PC. On a few Macintosh computer systems, while you attempt to use the Function keys, a dialogue box may additionally appear announcing that your Function keys need to be an installation in SAP.

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Standard Toolbar Buttons:

sap hana keys

Application Toolbar and Screen Buttons:


sap hana keys

Navigation Buttons:

sap hana keys


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Match code Buttons:

sap hana keys

Working with Data:

sap hana keys

Using Transactions:

sap hana keys

Formatting Text

sap hana keys

The Windows key at the keyboard also can carry out many beneficial features…

  • Pressing the Windows key with the aid of itself will open or disguise the Start menu.
  • Pressing the Windows key along with every other key (or keys) will do the subsequent:

Break – will open the Systems Properties dialog box.

D – Will show the desktop

E – Opens My Computer

F – Initiates a search for files or folders

Ctrl+F – opens a search for computers

F1 – opens the Windows Help window

M – Minimizes all home windows

Shift – will repair all minimized home windows

R – Opens the Run dialog box

U – Opens the Utility Manager

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