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06 Aug 2018

SAP PM Tutorial | SAP PM Key Functions and Benefits

What is SAP PM?

SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM) application issue presents a business enterprise with a tool for all maintenance activities to be performed. All the activities that are done beneath renovation are interconnected and for this reason, this module is carefully incorporated with other modules – Production Planning, Material Management, and Sales and Distribution.

Key Functions of Plant Maintenance:

Following activities are performed under Plant Maintenance −


To check the condition of a technical system, the process of inspection is done

Preventive Maintenance:

To maintain high availability of the technical system, a preventive maintenance is used. For technical objects, maintenance planning and work scheduling activities are included.


Repair entails all measures that can be finished to restore the ideal situation. Repair manner can be carried out at many planning tiers – like scheduling the work, useful resource planning, and preliminary costing, etc.

SAP PM – Preventive Mechanism:

To avoid system breakdown and production breakdown, usage of preventive maintenance in an organization is done. You can achieve various benefits in your organization using a preventive mechanism. The term Preventive maintenance is used to perform inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs.

Key benefits of using Preventive Maintenance:

  • The activities that are done in Preventive Maintenance are stored in the form of task lists.
  • You define the quantity and inspection work, and while the preventive maintenance has to be achieved with info of the useful region or pieces of the device.
  • You additionally define the fee-based challenge of Preventive preservation project lists..
  • You also can perform an assessment to locate the fee for preventive maintenance activities to be achieved in destiny.

Task Lists:

Task listing in Preventive Maintenance is defined as the collection of activities. They are completed as part of Preventive Maintenance in a company. They are used to carry out the repeated obligations as part of Preventive Maintenance and to carry out them efficiently.

Using Task lists, you may lessen the attempt by means of standardizing the work collection. All the updates are done at one specific spot within the corresponding upkeep project listing and all of the maintenance orders and preservation items in the system get hold of the updated repute of labor sequences. With the help of venture lists, it allows in decreasing the attempt required to create maintenance orders and upkeep gadgets as you may refer lower back to the Task listing to look the work sequences.

Key functions of task lists in SAP Plant Maintenance

  • Planned Maintenance
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Planned Maintenance:

All the scheduled activities along with inspection, maintenance, and repairs come beneath Planned Maintenance. In Plant Maintenance, you outline the time periods when the paintings steps ought to be finished and paintings sequences in which they should be accomplished. Task lists are assigned to a protection plan in protection planning.

Ongoing Maintenance:

The mission listing for ongoing preservation carries the paintings sequences based totally on modern inspection. All inspection that is executed without an ordinary schedule comes under ongoing preservation.


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