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21 Feb 2018

SAP FIORI Tutorial | Architecture | SAP FIORI Principles



Sap Fiori is a sap product which mainly focusing on SAP UI. It is a new user experience in (UX) for both SAP software program and applications. It provides a set of programs, newly written with the aid of SAP, that cope with the maximum extensively and often used SAP capabilities, inclusive of workflow approvals, information lookups, and self-service obligations.

sap fiori

SAP Fiori affords 300+ function-based totally applications like HR, Manufacturing, Finance, etc. SAP Fiori permits more than one tool programs that allow users to begin a technique on their desktop/laptops and to continue that method on a smartphone or on a tablet. SAP has advanced Fiori Apps based totally on User Interface UI5.


There are some pre-requisites which are most important before learning this SAP Fiori.

– Must have a Basic Business Processes knowledge addressed in solutions like SAP CRM, SAP ERP, and SAP SCM.

– Must have Basic programming knowledge which includes HTML, JavaScript, and SAP UI5.

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There are mainly five principles for SAP Fiori UI5. They are as follows:

Role-Based − SAP has decomposed various SAP transactions and modified them into stunning user interactive programs that show best most relevant information to the users.

Responsiveness − When SAP Fiori is combined with the energy of SAP HANA, it presents an unrivaled software response and query executions time.

Simple − To make SAP Fiori simple to match the user demand, SAP has designed it as a 1-1-3 situation. This method 1 consumer, 1 use case and 3 displays.

Seamless Experience − SAP has provided all of the Fiori apps based on the same language and it does not count number at the deployment and platform.

Delightful − SAP Fiori was designed to work with ECC 6.0 to make it simple for the users and to deploy on the present SAP gadget.


SAP Fiori apps are divided into three categories. They are outstanding on the basis of their character and infrastructure requirement.

  • Transactional Apps
  • Fact sheets
  • Analytical Apps

Transactional Apps:-

The maximum essential capabilities of Transactional Apps are −

  • The first release of SAP Fiori included 25 transactional apps.
  • Transactional apps in SAP Fiori are mainly used to carry out the transactional duties like supervisor-employee transactions such as depart request, travel requests and so on.
  • Transactional Apps run pleasant on SAP HANA database, however, may be deployed with any database with applicable performance. These apps permit a consumer to run easy SAP transactions on the cellular devices as well as desktop or laptops.

Fact sheets:-

The vital functions of a Factsheet are given underneath. They are

  • Fact sheets are used to drill the important thing data and contextual records in enterprise operations. In SAP Fiori tiles, you can drill down to in additional details.
  • It additionally permits to navigate one-fact sheet to all its associated fact sheets.
  • You can name Fact sheets from Fiori Launchpad seek effects, from other fact sheets or from Transactional or Analytical apps.

Analytical Apps:-

  • Analytical apps are used to provide feature-based absolutely real-time information approximately the organization operations. Analytical apps combine the power of SAP HANA with SAP business company suite. It gives real-time data from a big quantity of statistics in the front-end internet browser.
  • Using Analytical apps, you may closely display screen Key Performance indicators KPIs. You can carry out complex aggregations and calculations of your business enterprise operations and react right away as consistent with the adjustments within the market circumstance.
  • SAP Fiori Analytical apps run on SAP HANA database and use Virtual information models.


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The following are the components of SAP Fiori architecture.

SAP Web Dispatcher:

In SAP Fiori architecture, the first point of contact for end-users is the SAP Web dispatcher. This will handle all types of web browser requests from end users via various devices such as mobile, laptop, etc.

It is an access point for all HTTP/HTTPS requests and defines if a gadget has to just accept or reject the requests and the server where the request must pass. It can reject or receive connection to SAP Fiori gadget.

SAP ABAP Front-End:

SAP ABAP front-end server includes all of the UI components of Fiori device and Netweaver gateway. These UI additives consist of significant UI add-on, SAP UI5 manipulate library and SAP Fiori Launchpad. It additionally contains product precise UI. Add-ons include UI development for respective business suite such as ERP, SCM, SD, MM, etc.

SAP Netweaver Gateway is used to set up a connection between SAP enterprise suite and target customers, structures, and framework. It gives improvement and era tools to create OData services to different purchaser development tools.

SAP ABAP Back-End:

SAP ABAP Back-End Server is used to contain the commercial enterprise and the lower back-end statistics. Search model for fact sheets and SAP enterprise suite is contained in ABAP lower back-end server.


SAP HANA database and HANA XS Engine:

HANA XS engine is used to run all analytical apps in SAP Fiori. It carries Fiori app content and digital information-version reuse content, which is furnished via SAP HANA Live.

HANA XS Engine consists of two components −

  • HANA Live App content material for Business suite.
  • The smart Business aspect of side KPI Modeler.

HANA Live content material fabric consists of VDM reuse content material, which can be used for extensibility reason.


SAP Fiori Data Flow covers the data flow manner in Fiori system when a request is made via Launchpad by the user. This includes runtime information glide in front-end server and the back-end server.

Front-End server − Web server and OData Proxy.

Back-End server − OData company.

Front-End Server in Fiori Data Flow:-

  • SAP Fiori Front-End server acts as a Web server (HTTPS).
  • It consists of all registered OData offerings and acts as an endpoint for OData provider.
  • It also includes UI and Launchpad gadgets.
  • All Front-end users are defined in Front-end server and they’re assigned to accurate roles.
  • To communicate with Back End gadget, it uses an alias for an again-end system and interacts with back-end server the use of trusted RFC connection.
  • Fiori app calls OData service to get some data. Gateway device in front-quit server knows the system alias for offerings and facilitates in getting information from the back-end system.

 Back-End Server in Fiori Dataflow:

  • Back End server includes SAP Business Suite 7 for key applications like ERP, CRM, SRM, SCM, and many others.
  • It incorporates utility statistics and used for customization of programs.
  • This gadget includes 2 OData instructions –

            – Model Provider

            – Data Provider

  • To get entry to Back-end machine, application users created on Front-end server must have an authorization S_RFCACL. This authorization should be assigned to the customers inside the Business suite.





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