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React, Redux.JS Training 

In this course, you will learn about What is Redux and how we can use React + Redux to build several projects like an application on the client side. Let us know what is Redux, Redux is a predictable state container for Javascript applications. That is Redux is responsible for data storing and Communication within a Java application in the user side (in the browser). React uses components like render ()  to store the data and it returns what to display. For this, it uses XML syntax called  JSX, used for accessing input data passed into a component.

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Highlights of IQ’s React, Redux.JS Online Training:

  • IQ Online Training Portal is the Online Training Providers in the Industry.
  • We will provide in-depth Knowledge in React Redux.JS with real-time applications.
  • In React, Redux.JS Online Training Sessions real time scenarios and Course related Case Studies covered.
  • In this React, Redux.JS Online Training course, we cover almost all concepts with all latest updates also.
  • IQ provides online training with industry people, they train you in a job-oriented manner.
  • Corporate Training is trending one in present days. IQ offers Corporate Training also, our faculties will be visiting your campuses and teach you in a practical way.


  • The candidate must have basic knowledge of Java & Javascript.

Course Objectives

After completion of React, Redux Js course, you will be able to:

  • Understand Basic Concepts of Redux
  • Focuses on Defining all Key concepts like Rendering & Props components.
  • Explains in detail about Composing components and life cycle of components.
  • This course goes through how to use Redux and react-router for server rendering.
  • Explains in details about Components life Cycle Methods like Mounting, Updating, and Unmounting.
  • Gives Full fledge knowledge on JSX, Events, Forms, Routing and Flux.

Course Curriculum

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Module 1: Introduction to React, Redux Js.

Topics: Introduction, What is Redux & React, What is the importance to use, Different Types of Components, Components Life Cycle Methods.

Module 2: About JSX.

Topics: Introduction, What is JSX, Characteristics of JSX,  JIT vs Pre-process transformer, Expressions, HTML Attributes.

Module 3: What are Events?

Topics: Introduction, What is an Event, What are DOM Events and How to Handle DOM Events, Features of Custom Events and Component Events.

Module 4: Forms

Topics: Introduction, What are Forms, Defining Controlled Components and Uncontrolled Components, Differences between Components and Uncontrolled Components, Forms Components like component.getDOMNode().

Module 5: How to Handle Routing in React.Js

Topics: Introduction, What is Routing, Handling of Routing in React.Js, Getting to know more on third-party routing components.

Module 6: FLUX (Architecture)

Topics: Introduction, What are Dispatchers, Defining Actions, Stores, More about Components or Views.

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React JS

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Support we got from the trainer was good, he has lot of exp and very supportive.

How was your learning experience with IQ ONLINE TRAININGS?

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My learning with IQ ONLINE TRAININGS was for PMP training and exam preparation (180days access). It’s been a worthwhile learning experience - the course was easier to understand than and helped memory retention. Also the online support team were so kind and helpful-when i ran out of time and my exam was a month away they extended my access for extra 30 days. Success all the way. ---


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Customer Support

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Customer Support from IQ Online Trainings is what they claim it to be. I have always received timely and quality response from the customer support team. And as they claim, it is always within 60 seconds. The quality of the courses are also good. I would certainly recommend IQ Online Trainings

Quality, Affordability and Flexibility - the name is IQ ONLINE TRAININGS

4 5 1
I completed 3 different courses at IQ ONLINE TRAININGS this year be it the Quality of the contents or the teaching, it was Top notch. The courses too were priced at affordable rates. Above all, it is the flexibility and convenience that IQ ONLINE TRAININGS offers you to learn and complete these courses takes the spotlight. You are provided unlimited access to the Online contents up to 180 days, which is a reasonable time frame even for a busy working professional. The assistance offered by the Support Team too is worth a mention. Thank you IQ ONLINE TRAININGS and keep rocking!!

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