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Puppet is a configuration management technology which lets you establish the state of your IT infrastructure, then implements the precise state. It’s a distinctive way of IT automation for establishing, discovering, and handling your infrastructure. Puppet enables system administrators and developers to perform smarter and faster. Most IT management solutions provide competences of 20 to 30 nodes per sysadmin.

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Course NamePuppet Online Training
ContentsIntroduction to Puppet, Packages, Files, and Services, Managing Puppet with Git
Duration30 Hours with Flexible timings
DeliveryInstructor Led-Live Online Training
EligibilityAny Graduate
Ideal ForFreshers, aspirants seeking to learn the Puppet Enterprise
AvailabilityRegular/Weekend Batches. 24×7 teaching assistance and support.

Course Objectives

What you’ll learn in Puppet Training Course?

  • Install and organize the Puppet master and Puppet environment.
  • Learn how to deploy basic system configurations using Puppet in a Master-Agent setup.
  • How to execute Puppet on numerous servers.
  • Make and monitor information and reports.
  • How to handle user accounts, access control, security and arranged jobs.
  • Employing the top practices for establishing your Puppet code using Git.

Course Curriculum

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  •  The Problem
  •  Configuration Management
  •  A Day In The Life Of A Sysadmin
  •  Keeping The Configuration Synchronized
  •  Repeating Changes Across Many Servers
  •  Self-Updating Documentation
  •  Coping With Different Platforms
  •  Version Control And History
  •  Solving The Problem
  •  Reinventing The Wheel
  •  A Waste Of Effort
  •  Transferable Skills
  •  Configuration Management Tools
  •  Infrastructure As Code
  •  Dawn Of The Devop
  •  Job Satisfaction


  •  The Puppet Way
  •  Growing Your Network
  •  Cloud Scaling
  •  What Is Puppet?
  •  The Puppet Language
  •  Resources And Attributes
  •  Configuration Management
  •  What Puppet Does Do?


  •  Installing Puppet
  •  Manifests
  •  Nodes
  •  Modules
  •  Services
  •  Starting Services At Boot
  •  Service Status Options
  •  Service Control Commands
  •  Resource Dependencies
  •  Files


  •  Security Practices
  •  User Resources
  •  Removing Or Locking Accounts
  •  Managing Ssh Keys
  •  Configuring Ssh
  •  Managing Privileges With Sudo


  •  Conditionals
  •  If Statements
  •  Else And Elsif
  •  Unless Statements
  •  Case Statements
  •  The Default Case
  •  Matching Multiple Cases
  •  Selectors
  •  Expressions
  •  Comparisons
  •  Equality
  •  Substrings
  •  Boolean Operators
  •  Combining Boolean Operators
  •  Arithmetic Operators
  •  Regular Expressions
  •  Operators
  •  Syntax
  •  Conditionals


  •  Reporting
  •  Debug And Dry-Run Modes
  •  Printing Messages
  •  Monitoring Puppet
  •  Common Puppet Errors
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Good way to learn

5 5 1
Good way to learn and good content in the course and good support in completing the projects. Project Monitoring sessions really helpful to submit your projects.

I had a good learning experience on SAP Hybris here.

5 5 1
Recently I completed my SAP Hybris course at IQ Online. The trainer chenna reddy covered all the modules within the time. His explanation is very professional and is very motivational person. He always make sure that whether I'm getting his point or not. Happy with the training

Very easy to use

5 5 1
IQ Online Training was a great resource for earning my Course. The team they have is very professional and always willing to help. The website and software are very easy to use. I would recommend this course to anyone preparing for this exam and career. I would use it again. The online videos are very easy to follow along. I've had several people at the company help with questions I had, and all are very nice

Great learning! Good course

5 5 1
Great amount of information on data science, clearly communicated and very good interaction.

Self study , bright study

4 5 1
IQ Online training is good for student preparing for board and it. Its problems solving in depth according to your level of understanding. If you don't any concept they will understand in a way you never going to forget. Weekly tests and group discussion is awesome. Last time revision and study tips and moral boost tips keeps you motivated. Design and loading is fine but reliability is very good. Its programming of concepts of questions from base to imaginative queries you get best here solved. Customer support is promptly active and responsive every time. Ya its remunerative but gives knowledge of every cent you paid. By preparing with simply learn you surely going to get success and explore your senses and qualities.

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