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Why It’s Vital To Have Mobile Friendly Website?

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020



Innovation of smart phones has revolutionized human lifestyles. A small device is enough for the people to carry out their maximum work and it’s easy to handle too. Because of its features smart phones play a significant part of everyone’s life. In this generation, we can’t find a person without a smart phone in their hand along with the net connection in it. It’s easy for the mobile users grab the information of any kind by just surfing through the search engine. Maximum business people are concentrating on to make their web site mobile friendly because the audience they can grab more traffic through mobile than windows.

It’s become mandatory for the Business people of product or services to create the website for the service they are providing. As everyone search in the search engines before adopting any type of services in order to get the maximum information of product through a number of websites available in the market and they can make the correct selection in the pricing model and other issues specific to the user. Its very absurd for a person if they are starting a business without creating a website for their services. Even for the local services its useful for the business to create the website, because people if they want to buy anything they either search in the internet or they take the reference from their friends, it’s easy for the people to describe the service by providing the URL of your site instead of telling orally. Web site design and navigation shows the quality of service, independent of the quality of service you are providing.

Many people concentrate on making the website windows friendly first than mobile friendly. Even though they are getting maximum traffic to their website through the mobile website. Many mobile friendly themes are provided by the Google which helps the website developer to make the website user friendly. If the website is not mobile friendly, the website audience has to suffer from the following problems:

  • Content gets hidden because of the resolution of the image.
  • Content or Image doesn’t fit the screen.
  • Unplayable content.
  • Latency of loading is higher than actual.
  • Appearance of the content more than the actual screen.
  • Unable to zoom the content for better visibility.
  • Including of too much content in one page.

Generally people get irritated if the page loading for a minute, they will not wait for the website to get live, they will jump to another website providing the similar service, in this way you are affecting your business by sending your audience to your competitors websites.

Google has provided some of the tools and rules for making the website mobile friendly which includes WPtouch pro plug, WPTap, WP, mobile detector, Obox, Mobify and similar other tools where each tool has its own unique features to make the website mobile friendly while designing the website. Even Google place the website in the first position which are mobile friendly.

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