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What's the Scoop on Big Data and Hadoop?

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020



Due to the advancement of new technologies, tools, and communication means like social media, the quantity of data created by manhood is growing rapidly each year.The amount of data created by us till 2003 from the start of time was 5 billion gigabytes. A complete football field may fill, if you collect the data in the form of drives. The same amount of data was created in every two days in 2011, as well as every twenty minutes in 2014. This reparation is growing extremely. Although all of this data can be helpful when processed and generated is substantial, it is being ignored.

So, What is Big Data?

Big data means a really big data, it is a group of large data-sets that can’t be processed using outdated computing techniques. Big data isn’t just a data, instead it's become a whole subject matter, involving techniques various resources and frameworks.

Big Data: Where Hadoop fits

Hadoop is one of the prodigious tools built to handle big-data. Hadoop and other additional software-products work to understand or parse the outcome of big data searches through methods and specific proprietary algorithms. Hadoop is an open source software under the Apache license that is upheld by a global community of customers. It provides different major factors, including a MapReduce set of characteristics along with a Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS).

Hadoop is an open source framework which lets to store and handle big-data in a disseminated environment across groups of computers using common programming models. It's made to scale-up from single server to thousands of computers, each providing storage and local computation. Nowadays, many Big Data and Hadoop training courses are aimed to offer skills and knowledge to become a successful Hadoop Developer.

How Hadoop engineering changes the dynamics and economics of large scale computing:


It allows to add new machines and methods to your group without disturbing applications and the dependent analytic workflows.


It Provides Commodity computers connected in parallel radically decrease the cost of keeping - and modeling -your information.

Fault tolerant:

The system or server redirects work and continues running without missing a beat when a node goes down.


As Hadoop is schema free, it can be able to manage structured and unstructured data effortlessly. Join and aggregate several sources to enable deep-analysis.

Major companies including Google, IBM and yahoo use the Hadoop framework, essentially for purposes involving search-engines and promotions.  Most Preferred operating systems are Windows and Linux but Hadoop can also compatible with OSX and BSD.

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