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Significance Of R Language For Becoming Data Scientist

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020



Data scientist is the most honorable profession that everyone wants to do it. Data scientist is all about analyzing the huge data and summarizing the problems and finding the solution for it, that will enhance the experience of the organization in providing the best service to their customers. For data analyzing many programming languages are proposed by the data scientists which can save their analysis and computation time. Among all the programming languages for data analysis, R Plays a vital role in the data analysis because it was developed by the data scientist. It’s an open source language licensed under GNU public license anyone can introduce new packages in the R library and can make the advancement on it to make it better than before for data analyzing.

R has many unique features that are compatible with the end users to deploy for analysis. With the development of the organization, the need for maintenance and analysis of data is also increasing and maintaining a huge data is a very daunting task. R language has solved maximum issues related to the data analysis and provide the accurate analysis of data. Data analysis can be done with other programming languages too, but the unique features of R made it as lingua Franca for data science. Some of the features of R language are listed below:

  • Free and open source language.
  • Advanced statistical programming language.
  • Catchy and relevant Graphic designs.
  • Cross-platform compatible.
  • Supports extension.
  • Extremely comprehensive.
  • Easily Relates to other programming languages.
  • Vast community.
  • Flexibility to develop code and can create fun with the coding.
  • Integration with document publishing.
  • No cost.
  • Powerful scripting language.

Because of its unique features, R has become the significant language and is widely used in many multinational companies and organization for analyzing the data.

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