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Important Tips For Designing a SEO Friendly Website

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020



Today! In this world where everything is grounded on online search.Many people don’t know the role of Search engine optimization in designing the website.In order to get any services or products people first go through the search of that product in search engines based on that search they will choose the best product or services according to their requirement. So in order to get the position of your site in search engine results, it must be optimized, by following the search engine techniques. It’s important for the organizations maintain a synchronization between the website developer/ designer with the SEO and the content writers.

SEO has some techniques and navigation rule that helps them to list the website in the search engine result. SEO analyzer analyzes the complete details of the product or services, before designing the SEO friendly website, then according to that they select the website URL/ domain, keyword search, backlinks, meta tags, meta description, Catchy Tiltes, Content, targeted audience, navigation of pages and many other points that help to get traffic to a website.

Here are some of the important points that website designer must keep in mind in order to make website SEO friendly.

  • Accessibility to the website must be user friendly and latency of the website must be low.
  • Website Navigation, according to the search engine rules that helps the website to get listed in the search engine result. Even if you are working on other areas correctly and your website pages are not linked properly, then it will not get indexed in the search engine result.
  • Selection of URL according to the brand name, product or services.
  • Avoid using duplicate content, promotional content, high keyword density, bad linking of keywords, keyword stuffing and insertion of promotional links in the website content.
  • Use advance plugins to provide selection to the user and help them to get relevant information.
  • Include the contact us or query page to get feedback about the website, so that you can make the website more user friendly.
  • Use appropriate images and navigation keys on the website that helps the users to get relevant information.
  • Use catchy Titles, Meta tags or meta description to grab the attention of the audience.

All these above points play a vital role in the optimization of website in the search engine result. Providing a good products or services to the customers is not enough having a good SEO friendly website design also plays the same the role to reach business at hikes.

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