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How To Design A Website In Javascript

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020



With the development in technology, the entire world is connected globally and its not a big task to create a website. Many predefined themes are existed on the internet and many open source platforms exist for the developers to make their ideas into action. For creating a website, the first and foremost thing that need is the knowledge of HTMl and CSS language.

HTML is the first building block for the website content development. It makes use of tags for starting or stopping of the sentence, insertion of links, starting or ending of the paragraph, creating the heading or titles and other formats for content development. Each web pages is bundled through a set of HTML tags for formatting the content. CSS provides the colorful background, style, background images, interesting fonts and slick colors to the website. It also allows website to work on different types and sizes. CSS is the list of rules that provides various properties to HTML tags, either required in multiple or single tags, multiple or entire documents.

But for designing a website HTML and CSS or not enough to provide the dynamic web pages, transition effects and other functionality to the website. All these features are well provided by the Java script Example- coming of a pop window asking for the ok or cancel options and similar windows which provides real time exposure to the end users all these effects are possible because of the use of open source Java script frameworks. A list of open source Java Script plugins is available to enhance the user experience, and functionality of the website along with examples to clarify the doubts during installation. Java Script makes use of C language syntax for programming.

JavaScript has some features that help it to stand unique, some of its features include.

  • It can be used in both client and server side.
  • Handling dates and times.
  • Detecting the user’s browser, screen size, OS, etc.
  • Validating the users input.
  • Control over the browser.
  • Generating HTML code without accessing the web server.

Having a knowledge about the HTML, CSS, C language and some web designing concepts are enough to design a website of your choice using the Javascript plugins.

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