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Google will merge Android and Chrome OS by Next Year

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020



For many years, people have pondered if Google might combine its Android and Chrome OS, besides the company has persistently detained to them central but different pieces of its approach.The Wall Street Journal saying that Google has been working for nearly 2 years to combine Android and Chrome OS. The outcomes of this good operating system is likely to be officially launched to the public in 2017, but we might view an early edition the moment next year.

Update: though some have documented Google may "destroy" Chrome OS, the organization appears to still possess some type of double-technique in mind and it has uncertain that elucidation. Whilst the Android Hiroshi Lockheimer and Senior VP of Chromecast Chrome OS knows the most about the possible destiny of each project, and he tweeted today that "we're really committed to Chrome OS."

The WSJ says that the new Android version will also run on PCs, although it's not clear if the firm is referring to Windows and Mac computers or just a re-branded expansion of the current Chromebook selection. As the Opera browser includes the majority of the functionality of Opera OS itself, the former seems probable. Considering that Google desires to get its Google Play store on as much products as possible, it'd sound right to view a version that works with the huge quantity of Windows and Mac devices available.

In March of 2013, there’s been plenty of speculation about if the two OS would combine Opera OS and Android. While Pichai firstly said they'd stay independent, he hired last year, Hiroshi Lockheimer to control both systems -- so there is a fairly long history of the two systems of Google having one obvious cause for some time now.

When we might see this new, combined operating system is removed from certain -- however it may seem like another Google I/O event could be as normal a period as any for that organization showing off such a major move.

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