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Essential Tools for Every Android Developer's Toolkit

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020



Android has revolutionized the technological world. In Smart phone, Android OS is the most common OS we can find in market. In no time it has gained the popularity in the market because of the availability of open source libraries for the end users to develop their own apps.And the Android developer tools that are used as a plug in’s for the Eclipse IDE that is designed to create a powerful, integrated environment to build Android applications. With the help of the android tools, developer can extends the capabilities of the Eclipse, Design an application UI, add packages grounded on the android framework API, Debug applications using the Android SDK tools and can create an innovative android app. It helps the developers to make an idea into an app.

Many Android tools we can find, which has their own special features to make an app user friendly and provide better user experience. Depending on the requirements of an app, developers can choose the tool best of their knowledge. Some of the common best android tools are listed below.

Android Asset Studio: It’s an online utility tool and helps the developer to generate all kinds of images and icons, Action bar style generator and Nine patch Image generator that demands by an Android app

NinjaMock: It helps the developer to create, Sketch and prototype an idea for free, it comprises all of the exemplary stencils for both mobile and web prototyping.

GenyMotion Emulator:It’s created to overcome slow and tedious start up of the bundled emulator and it has features that provide an environment that helps the developer to test the applications, easy set up, Huge collection of devices, Faster boot up and Free of cost.

Android-Arsenal:It provides a developer with the complete set of library for the Android app development, which is well differentiated with their categories and is completely updated with the collection.

Icons4Android: It provides a professional touch to an android app, it has all category icons and with different color themes and android specific size.

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