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PowerShell is an automatic task framework from Microsoft, among a command line shell and a scripting language incorporated into the .NET frame, which is able to embed surrounded by other application. Windows PowerShell automates batch processing and creates system administration tools. PowerShell has an interactive command line interface. PowerShell allows the consumer to make aliases for command-lets, which are rehabilitated to the original instructions by PowerShell. A PowerShell component is able to distinguish from a set of PowerShell function that is a group to handle all the aspect of a particular locale.

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Course Summary:

Course NamePowerShell Online Training
ContentsFundamentals of PowerShell
Duration48 Hours with Flexible timings
DeliveryInstructor Led-Live Online Training, Learning Management System Access.
EligibilityPowershell is intended for IT Professionals who are before now qualified in common window Server as well as Windows Client administration.
Live Online TrainingLive Interactive Training by Certified & Industry Expert Trainers by Providing Server and Lab access.
Ideal forMicrosoft PowerShell is also suitable for IT Professionals already experienced in server administration, including Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server, System Center, and others.
AvailabilityRegular/Weekend Batches. 24×7 Teaching Assistance and Support.

Course Objectives

What you’ll learn in Powershell Training Course?

  • Build higher functions
  • Use Cmdlets plus Microsoft .NET Framework in window PowerShell
  • Write Controller script
  • Handle Script error
  • Use XML Data records
  • Manage Server Configurations by Using the Desired State Configuration
  • Examine and debug script.
  • Understand window PowerShell Workflow

PowerShell has authority, deepness and flexibility plus you know how to explore for yourself, with PowerShell you be able to make new objects, for example, window Services File system, DirectoryEntry or the simpler, and .Net Framework-based entity using a fully qualified name like system.


Windows PowerShell is flexible and simple to manage once you learn the fundamentals of the scripting language. PowerShell tutorial covers all necessary things. It, in addition, give you the capability to run definite instructions that are intended to run only on the local network if you are using the remote connection function.

PowerShell course provides students with the strong expertise of Windows PowerShell Scripting and its execution. PowerShell training presents students with the capabilities to realize and build task-base PowerShell scripts. Moreover, students learn how to analyze any PowerShell script, its runtime environment and debugging. In maintaining with that intention, this course is not going to focus on any extra technologies or products, although windows operating system, which is the customary platform for various technologies and merchandise.

The Microsoft PowerShell training at IQ Tech cover all essentials of PowerShell scripting. PowerShell module allows the administrator to reference, load, persist and share code. This is the best way to learn PowerShell scripting. We are providing corporate training worldwide in USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Dubai, Australia, and India.  Access to pre-recorded PowerShell Training Videos. Download of self-paced PowerShell Training course content/material prepared by industry experts.

Course Curriculum


Download PowerShell Course Content

Module1: Introduction to PowerShell

  • Scripting Vs Programming
  • What is Powershell (ps)?
  • Why Powershell?
  • Powershell Vs nix Shells

Module2: Introduction to Windows PowerShell

  • What is Windows Power Shell?
  • Windows Power Shell Architecture
  • The .NET Framework and its Relationship to Windows Power Shell

Module3: Evolution of PowerShell- Versions and Features

  • Windows PowerShell 1.0
  • Windows PowerShell 2.0
  • Windows PowerShell 3.0
  • Windows PowerShell 4.0
  • Windows PowerShell 5.0
  • Windows PowerShell 5.1

Module4: Use of WMI and COM in Windows PowerShell Overview of Windows PowerShell

  • Overview of Objects
  • Working with Cmdlets
  • Tab Expansion, Aliases, and Hostory
  • Using Variable and Types

Module5: Building Pipelines for Assembly-Line Style Processing

  • Using Pipelines
  • Using Arrays
  • Filtering and Iterating Through the Pipeline
  • Recording Objects in a Pipeline

Module6: Managing Processes and Formatting Cmdlet Output

  • Managing Windows Processes with Windows Power Shell
  • Viewing Process Details
  • Filtering Processes by Property
  • Stopping Processes
  • Launching Processes
  • Viewing, Starting, and Stopping Services
  • Formatting Cmdlet Output
  • Default Form matter and Output Cmdlets
  • Alternatives to the Out-Default Cmdlets
  • Default Form matter in Windows PowerShell
  • Using the Format-Wide, Format-Table, Format-List, and Format-Custom Cmdlets
  • Selecting Properties Using Select-Object

Module7: Introduction to Scripting With Windows PowerShell

  • Writing Windows PowerShell Scripts
  • Script Parameters
  • Security in Windows PowerShell
  • Customizing Windows PowerShell with Profiles

Module8: Implementing Flow Control and Functions

  • Controlling the Flow of Execution within Scripts
  • Iteration Flow Control
  • Developing and Using Functions

Module9: Working with Files, the Registry, and Certificate Stores

  • Using Data Stores
  • Using Providers
  • Filtering and Selecting with Regular Expressions
  • Implementing Event Log Management Persisting Object in Files

Module10: Managing the Windows Operating System Using Windows PowerShell and WMI

  • Introduction to WMI and WMI objects
  • Managing Disks and Disk Volumes Using Windows PowerShell with WMI
  • Managing Shadow Copies Using Windows Power Shell with WMI
  • Managing Shared Folders with Windows Powershell and WMI

Module11: Administering Microsoft Active Directory with Windows PowerShell

  • Administering Domains and Forests using .NET Objects
  • Managing User Accounts and Groups Using ADS Managing Relationship between Users and Groups

Module12: Administering Group Policy in Windows PowerShell Using COM

  • Managing GPOs Using the GPMC COM Interface
  • Managing Group Policy Objects
  • Reporting Group Policy
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I learned Selenium at IQ,Training was very Good. I personally Recommend this institute is good for Selenium.

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The course was really interesting and informative. Trainer explained each and every topic in detail and clarified all the questions that came in. Thanks a lot for all the effort that you have put. I feel it has given me enough to explore my performance testing skills in Load Runner. Thank you very much.

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They have really good promotions and courses

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I have been associated with IQ Online Trainings from the last three years for PMP, COBIT and ITIL courses and have an amazing experience. Their learning materials are very precise yet comprehensive. The contents are made very simple to understand. The support team is equally good - Sheena in specific who are always user friendly. The usability and navigation is also very impressive as it allows flexible learning. I would certainly recommend this program which is one of the best available in the market at a reasonable price.

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