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Oracle PL SQL Training

Oracle PL SQL provides the solution for maintaining the database management using a procedural language integrated with the SQL statements. It was grounded in the ADA language, which inherited PL/SQL easier to maintain and read than cryptic languages.

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Why to Learn SQL Online?

SQL is portable within the Oracle database family. SQL Training helps the individuals in managing the organization to maintain, store, retrieve and recovery of failure data. All programs of the PL/SQL run within the Oracle executable and obtain the security, portability, and robustness of the Oracle Database so opting for SQL Course is beneficiary as a lot of servers are based on Oracle PL SQL, and this gives growth in the career and job safety.

Our SQL Online Training Classes is customized to the modern changes to make our students up to date and ready to take up new challenges in the company. We train them with a lot of examples and projects so that they can understand the practical scenario of the work environment this way they can be more confident in using the concepts to tackle the real-time challenges that encounter in the company.


Course NameOracle PL SQL Online Training
ContentsFundamentals of Oracle PL SQL
Duration30 Hours with Flexible timings
DeliveryInstructor Led-Live Online Training
EligibilityAny Graduate
Ideal ForFreshers, Aspiring job seekers in the field of Oracle database
AvailabilityRegular/Weekend Batches. 24×7 teaching assistance and support.

Course Objectives

What you’ll learn in Oracle PL SQL Training Course?

  • Run data manipulation statements to update data in the Oracle Database.
  • Handle runtime errors.
  • Design PL/SQL anonymous block that executes efficiently.
  • Understand the features and syntax of PL/SQL.
  • Generate reports of restricted and sorted data.
  • Use cursors to process rows.
  • Understand stored procedures and functions.
  • Generate reports of aggregated data.
  • Make use of SQL functions to generate and retrieve customized data.
  • Writing different Queries to access the database.
  • Contribute as members of a team.

What are the pre-requisites to learn Oracle PL SQL Course?

Basic Knowledge of Programming, Basic Knowledge of Database Management

Course Curriculum

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TOPICS: What is PL/SQL, Benefits of PL/SQL, PL/SQL Environment, Generate and Execute a SimPLe Anonymous Block, Generate Output from a PL/SQL Block, Overview of the types of PL/SQL Blocks


TOPICS: Control Structures, PL/SQL Records, Defining the Importance of Variables in PL/SQL, Simple Blocks, Declaring Variables and Constants, Executing a PL/SQL Block, Cursors, Handle Exceptions, Dependencies, Functions, Packages and Procedures, Identify PL/SQL Structures


TOPICS: Nested Tables, Overview of Collections, Varrays, Use Collections Effectively, Associative Arrays, Create PL/SQL Programs that use Collections


TOPICS: Handling Exceptions with PL/SQL, Trapping Non-Predefined Oracle Server Errors, Predefined Exceptions, Propagate Exceptions, Functions that Return Information on Encountered Exceptions, Use Trapping User-Defined Exceptions


TOPICS: External Routine Components, Call an OS Supplied Dll, Call Java From PL/SQL, Call Java from PL/SQL, Call C from PL/SQL, the Benefits of External Routines


TOPICS: Implicit and ExPLicit Cursors, Cursor Expressions, Cursor Variables


TOPICS: Anatomy of a Lob, Working with DBMS_LOB, Observera and Mutator Routines, using Securefiles, the LOB Datatypes


TOPICS: Basics of Packages, Basics of Stored Procedures, Defining Stored Procedures & Functions, Basics of Functions, Passing Arguments to Functions and Stored Procedures, Function and Stored Procedure Prototypes, Package Forward Declaration, Package Overloading, Package Dependency, Recompiling Functions and Stored Procedures, Listing Package Information


TOPICS: Cursor Basics, for and While Loop, Using a Cursor for a Multi-Row SQL Query, Defining PL/SQL Tables, Retrieving from a PL/SQL Table, Reasons to use PL/SQL Tables, Populating a PL/SQL Table

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Immensely Helpful.

5 5 1
Great course content, easy to comprehend, very good customer service !

Awesome Instructors

5 5 1
Earlier I had taken training in different technologies from other institutes and companies but no doubt IQ Online Training is completely different, First time in my carrier I have received such kind of training and support. They have really awesome instructors. The support persons are technically sound and I would like to appreciate their 24 x 7 support.

Great classes offered!

5 5 1
I first took the course on site and as well as had the practice exams online, it was a great class! The instructor was truly helpful and having the exams mimic the actual test was awesome as well. I then took this course and that was amazing as well because you were able to secure your entire credit hours in order to take the exam! Truly would recommend IQ ONLINE TRAININGS to anyone

Overall a good experience

4 5 1
IQ Online Training 24/7 chat help is simple, quick and easy to use. I have used it multiple times and got the queries resolved very quickly. And they are ready to help even at odd hours. If you have good internet connectivity IQ Online Training is nice to learn something yourself. And the online labs are also a good feature. It saves you from all the setups and you can concentrate on practice. Overall good experience.

My Experience about this Course.

5 5 1
I have signed up for this course. At first, I felt that it's very difficult to do the live 4 projects, I thought I might fail the project but, IQ Online Training global teaching assistant Rani & Divya helped a lot especially Neha cleared my doubts & She's is very friendly in nature. I'm thankful to Rani. Now I successfully completed the project. While coming to the course & material .They have provided well-structured course videos from the basic to advanced level with examples. IQ Online Training is a good place to learn especially they will treat the students in a good way but the important thing is it's up to you investing the money in any course. Here you have to respect the knowledge, not the money. If you think that so much of money I have invested in this particular course is it worthy like that negatively, everything is gone in vain. So respect the knowledge what they are provided. Knowledge is Power, Power brings you Money & Respect. The Truth is that Money doesn't make you Rich but Knowledge Does.

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