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IQ Tech Training is a global training provider in online training for different IT specializations. A premier training institute, IQ Tech is known for its in-depth and practical oriented curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities that ensure smooth uninterrupted live, instructor-led training sessions.

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Oracle Data Integrator is a vital product in Oracle’s Data Integration product portfolio. Oracle ODI is Oracle’s Data integration platform that is built on high-performance ELT. It is loaded with features such as simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility to integrate with different heterogeneous platforms. Oracle ODI is a popular data integration solution in the business environment.

The ODI course at IQ Tech is easy to follow a course that covers the curriculum both from a conceptual and an implementation aspect. This course guides students through complex and challenging data integration tasks and also covers advanced ODI topics such as data workflows, management, and monitoring, scheduling, impact analysis and interfacing with ODI Web Services.

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Course NameOracle ODI Online Training
ContentsFundamentals of  Oracle ODI
Duration40 Hours with Flexible timings
DeliveryInstructor Led-Live Online Training
EligibilityAny Graduate
Ideal ForFresher’s, aspirants seeking knowledge in Oracle technologies
AvailabilityRegular/Weekend Batches. 24×7 teaching assistance and support.

Course Objectives

What you’ll learn in Oracle ODI Training Course?

  • Introduces you to Oracle Data Integration mechanisms
  • Covers key capabilities of Oracle ODI
  • Focuses on Oracle ODI Model concepts
  • Presents an overview of Oracle ODI interface concepts
  • Explains how to design interfaces
  • Covers Oracle ODI procedures in detail
  • Makes you familiar with ODI packages
  • Focuses on emerging trends
  • Powers the learner with industry’s best practices


Oracle ODI is a preferred integration tool. Features such as ease-of-use, simplicity, flexibility and low-cost make Oracle ODI a preferred data integration technology amongst organizations. Moreover, as companies become ready for handling the challenges of big data and business intelligence Oracle ODI supports them effectively by handling complex and huge data in a reliable, trusted and consistent way. Oracle ODI is, therefore, an essential technology to learn for all professionals seeking to make a career in the Oracle business environment set-ups.

Course Curriculum

Download Course Curriculum

The Oracle ODI online training course at IQ Tech has a balanced mix of core concepts and practical applications. An ever-evolving course includes the latest from this field and also adopts the best industry practices to equip students with hands-on knowledge.
Have a look below for a detailed course curriculum.



  • Introduction of ODI & Purpose of ODI
  • ODI Architecture & Components
  • Concept of ODI Agent & Handling Technique
  • Concept of Physical Agent and Creating Process
  • Concept of Web agent
  • Implementing ODI Repositories
  • Administer ODI Repositories
  • Master Repository & Work Repository
  • Create Storage Space & Connect to Repositories
  • Install Listener
  • Scheduler


  • ODI Version Management
  • Version Browser and Version Comparison Toolset
  • Manage synchronized Modifications


  • Create New Project
  • Create & Manage Project Folders
  • Objects, Import & Export of Objects
  • Modules Exchanging ODI Objects
  • Implement Marker


  • ODI Topographical Overview
  • Define Physical & Logical Architecture
  • Plan & Design Topology
  • Design Agents
  • Merge Logical to Physical Sources
  • Data Servers
  • Physical Schemas


  • ODI Topographical Navigator Overview
  • Step by Step guide to create Physical & Logical Architecture
  • Create Data Server and Physical Schema
  • Recheck Data Server Connection
  • Contextual view of Logical Architecture
  • Link Logical & Physical Architectures


  • Model Conceptual Overview
  • Meta Data purpose in ODI
  • Create & Manage Models
  • Create Data Stores
  • Implement Key & References in ODI
  • Implement Constraints in ODI
  • Process of Reverse Engineering in ODI


  • Conceptual of Interface, Data Source, Mapping
  • Use Join, filter, Constraint, Staging Area
  • Create Sample Interface with business rules
  • Designing Interface with Multiple source Data stores
  • Transformation Disablement
  • Flow Control
  • Execution Location
  • Implement Knowledge Modules with ODI Interface


  • Revalidate Interface
  • Operator Usage
  • Interface Execution Monitor
  • Troubleshoot
  • Code Review keys
  • Handle Errors


  • ODI Procedure, Creating Procedure
  • Add Commands & Options to ODI Procedure
  • Execute ODI Procedure
  • View Results with Operator
  • Create and Execute Package
  • Advanced Packages
  • Create Loop, Control Execution and Handle Errors


  • Concept of ODI Scenario & Management Guide
  • Scenario Deployment
  • Automatic Scenario Management


  • ODI Web Services in Practice
  • Install & Test Data Services
  • Configure Public Web Service
  • Activate & Use Public Web Service
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Flexible, helpful and good for career

4 5 1
I am doing Project 2013 online course from IQ ONLINE TRAININGS. It is really flexible way of learning because I don't need to travel or adjust my work timings. I can complete the learning in my free time. Their team is very helpful and always ready to assist. These course really help to advance to career path. Also it is useful for me to get renew for courses Sumit Joshi,

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5 5 1
Good course

Great Experience

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I had a great experience learning online courses with Team IQ Online Training. The great support, light atmosphere and answering every question never made me miss blackboard, chalk and duster. Recorded sessions and 24*7 support are really good advantages and helps learning easy without any limitations on timings.

Excellent online courses

4 5 1
I have been associated with IQ Online Trainings from the last three years for PMP, COBIT and ITIL courses and have an amazing experience. Their learning materials are very precise yet comprehensive. The contents are made very simple to understand. The support team is equally good - Sheena in specific who are always user friendly. The usability and navigation is also very impressive as it allows flexible learning. I would certainly recommend this program which is one of the best available in the market at a reasonable price.

Really very happy to be a part of IQ Online

5 5 1
The course was really interesting and informative. Trainer explained each and every topic in detail and clarified all the questions that came in. Thanks a lot for all the effort that you have put. I feel it has given me enough to explore my performance testing skills in Load Runner. Thank you very much.

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