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Oracle Apex Online Training

IQ Online Training is a global training provider in online training for different IT specializations. A premier training institute that facilitates online training for hundreds of students across the globe. IQ Training is known for its in-depth curriculum that is supported by real-life test cases and practical sessions.

Oracle APEX online training course at IQ Training is ideal for beginners and intermediate learners in Oracle APEX. A thorough course that covers the basic of Oracle APEX along with practices sessions to deftly handle real-world scenarios and practical challenges. Oracle Application Express popularly known as Oracle APEX is a powerful development tool, which is used to build web-based database-centric applications. With features such as plug-ins and dynamic actions, APEX aids building applications with the latest techniques in AJAX and JavaScript. JAVA APEX is simple and intuitive to use and is very popular in the industry.

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Course NameOracle APEX Online Training
ContentsCore aspects of Oracle APEX
Duration48 Hours with Flexible timings
DeliveryInstructor Led-Live Online Training
EligibilityAny Graduate
Ideal ForBeginners and Intermediate Learners in  Oracle APEX
Live Online TrainingLive Interactive Training by Certified & Industry Expert Trainers by Providing On-Demand Server and Lab access.
AvailabilityRegular/Weekend Batches. 24×7 teaching assistance and support.

Course Objectives


  • Introduces you to the Oracle APEX architecture, versions and documentation
  • Covers in detail SQL essentials
  • Gives an overview of various components like new pages and reports regions
  • Focuses on how to effectively use built-in templates and themes
  • Covers how to make your applications secure
  • Makes you familiar with application navigation using shared components
  • Focuses on how to implement feedback mechanisms
  • Focuses on new trends, techniques and the latest in Oracle APEX
  • Powers the learner with industry’s best practices


Oracle APEX is a powerful rapid application development tool that is popular because of its many inherent benefits. APEX is the best fit for handling change which is inevitable for any organization today. APEX also fits well for large deployments. It is agile, scalable, flexible and robust making it popular amongst professionals and organizations alike. A good to develop skill, Oracle APEX is a worthwhile learning.

Course Curriculum

The Oracle APEX online training course at IQ Training is an ideal course that helps you develop real-world applications. The course gives you a broad view of Oracle APEX and takes you through all crucial aspects such as setting up the APEX environment, using inbuilt themes and templates, testing and troubleshooting amongst others. Oracle APEX course will give you best practices of Installation, creating applications and pages, Implementing Security, Know about forms, reports, charts, and themes. We are providing Oracle Apex corporate training worldwide in USA, UK, Canada, Dubai, Australia, Singapore, and India.

Have a look below for a detailed course curriculum.


  • Oracle Apex Architecture
  • Maintaining Database Objects Using SQL Workshop
  • Browse, create and modify database objects using the Object browser
  • Execute SQL scripts using SQL Command and SQL Scripts
  • Build and save SQL queries using Query Builder
  • Import and export data using Utilities
  • Building Database Applications
  • Identify the components of a database application
  • Working with Pages and Regions
  • View and edit page definitions and attributes
  • Create and modify a region and subregion
  • Creating Reports
  • Create, manipulate and customize interactive reports
  • Create and modify classic reports
  • Creating Forms
  • Create and modify various types of forms
  • Adding Items and Buttons
  • Identify different types of items
  • Create items and edit item attributes
  • Create and use List of Values
  • Create buttons and edit button attributes
  • Create a Page Zero
  • Add page groups and comments
  • Including Page Processing
  • Explain the difference between page rendering and page processing
  • Create computations in application pages
  • Create page processes
  • Create validations to verify user input
  • Create branches within an application
  • Using Application and Page Utilities
  • Understanding Session State and Debugging
  • Apex Collections
  • Apex_item
  • Accessing Page Items from Backend procedures
  • Explain how APEX uses session state
  • View, reference and clear session state values
  • Review messages in debug mode
  • Explain the use of shared components in an application
  • Create and edit tabs, navigation bar entries, lists and breadcrumbs
  • Create and use a dynamic action
  • Import and use a plugin
  • Create and modify a chart
  • Create a calendar
  • Create a tree
  • Working with Themes, Templates, and Files
  • Create a new theme from the repository and switch to the theme to make current
  • Upload and use a Cascading Style Sheet and an image
  • Create and edit a template
  • Administering Application Express Workspaces
  • List the different ways to secure your application
  • Implementing Security
  • Differentiate between authentication and authorization
  • Create an authentication scheme for your application
  • Create an authorization scheme using Access Control
  • How to Enable and configure Session State Protection
  • How to Deploying and Import an Application
  • Application Development Process -Managing & Maintaining.
  • Track Features, Milestones, Bugs, and To-Dos
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, Javascript, CSS, Jquery.
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Amazing experience to get trained in Guidewire

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I really appreciate the IQ online Training. The trainer is also very knowledgeable and experienced. If you are looking to learn something practically then choose IQ online training.

Really been great set of Classes

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It’s really been great set of classes with IQ Online Training!. I consider myself lucky to discovered and be part of IQ Online Training!. I loved the way Instructor took out extra time for every question made & explained in depth.

Professional electronic learning at its best

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Super professional training with big impact I got course due to their catalog of courses in no time. It was my first trial of electronic trading on a subject that I was good at, project management. And I felt relaxed to get the electronic training. Not only that, IQ Online Training provided class training in my country Saudi Arabia, too. Which was a surprise to have this capability to associate electronic and class training. But thy do that seamlessly Thanks IQ Online Training and its staff including the team of support(Rani especially) they have been wonderful

Best training for Guidewire

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It is an amazing experience to get trained in Guidewire at IQ Online. The trainer Arun is well experienced and very helpful in clarifying the queries, even they provide job support. The response is good from the management.

Good Materials and excellent tutors to learn

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Compared to other learning site, IQ Online Training, It is a good e-learning website with lots of trendy subjects, the customer support is good. Usually gets reply with 24 Hrs. Very supporting and understandable throughout learning completion. Site is compatible with almost all devices so we can learn anywhere. Not sure already exists, But Need to explore on offline learning during the times of no internet connectivity or working in a limited network zones.

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