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IQ Technologies is a premier online corporate training provider offering an entire spectrum of IT Professional courses. WebDynpro Java is the choice of many IT clients due to its enhanced UI experience and key features surrounded by reusability of components. With WebDynpro, Java’s visual tool set replaces most of the developer’s coding efforts. Web Dynpro Java online training course at IQ Technologies is a well-structured course that is at par with industry’s real-time project environment.

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Course NameWeb Dynpro Java Online Training
ContentsFundamentals of Web Dynpro Java
Duration30 Hours
DeliveryInstructor Led-Live Online Training
EligibilityJava Coding knowledge, Knowledge of web application is preferred
Ideal ForFreshers, Professionals aspiring to join IT
Live Online TrainingLive Online Training: Live Interactive Training by Certified & Industry Expert Trainers by Providing On-Demand Server and Lab access.
AvailabilityRegular/Weekend Batches. 24×7 teaching assistance and support.

Course Objectives

What you’ll learn in Java WebDynPro Training Course?

  • Focuses on developing an application with Model View Controller Architecture.
  • Detailed Coverage of handling user events, triggering navigation, executing business methods, dynamic adaptation of user interface.
  • Complete understanding of Web Dynpro framework with full functionality of various reusable controller classes and interfaces.
  • Student – level grooming for translating the theoretical concepts to business logic centered application building.


Web Dynpro Java is an SAP patented UI Technology, designed to deliver enterprise quality web development environment while leveraging on-platform, language independence and to gather high user experience with reliable web UI.

Web Dynpro Java is well accepted by IT experts due to its model-driven declarative development approach encouraging reusability of various component classes and interfaces. The framework allows developers to concentrate on creating room for innovation with superior UI and application logic. The easy to learn Web Dynpro has plenty of job openings with start-ups as well as established corporate companies. The demand for Java Web Dynpro is expected to rise in the coming years making it a suitable course for IT professionals.


MVC Architecture, Web Dynpro Framework, Controller components, Context Structuring with design and runtime modifications, UI mash up with Web Dynpro and JSF.

Course Curriculum

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Web Dynpro is the SAP NetWeaver programming model for user interfaces (UIs). Every Web Dynpro application is structured according to the Model View Controller (MVC) programming model where the model defines the interface to the main system and allows the Web Dynpro application access to system data. The view is responsible for showing the data in the web browser. The controller is between the view and the model. The controller formats the model data to be displayed in the view processes the user entries made by the user and returns them to the model. This course covers all the aspects of the MVC program


  • Model View Controller pattern
  • Web Dynpro Java perspective of SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
  • Web Dynpro Framework with classes, components controllers and interfaces
  • Sample Web Dynpro application with component interface view in window, layout, application entity, insider view layout of Web Dynpro UI element.


  • Declare context attribute, data binding
  • Constructing UI element properties to view context elements
  • Context conceptualizing in design and runtime environment


  • UI Spectrum- elements, cells, containers, library
  • UI Element positioning in accordance to layout data
  • Creating Web Dynpro UI Client device independent
  • Drag and Drop, Navigation and View Management


  • Defining the extent to invoke re-usability and custom coding per business application logic
  • Automatic data transfer and session management between server and client
  • Internationalization enabling locale language and message set up during runtime


  • Search user required info, Display definitions, Search field values in business objects
  • Warn users for mismatched data entry per data type
  • Render to fulfill Web Content Access Guidelines requirements
  • Append new fields to UI without modifying the code


  • Prerequisite check for activating Web Dynpro Java Debug
  • Entire Process explaining activating debugging settings
  • Following Java Development User Guide for debugging


  • Create, Modify and bind UI elements to Context at runtime
  • Define Actions, Parameter mapping, Attribute value data type and context building dynamically


  • Create and use a new interface to connect to a data source for service requests and output
  • Encapsulate business functions in Business API’s through Adaptive Remote Function Calls
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Best content and good platform

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IQ Online Training has the best content and they provide good services with good platform to gain knowledge. I learnt lot of new thinks with new Techniques and I got lot exposure towards various trends in the market.

How was your learning experience with IQ ONLINE TRAININGS?

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My learning with IQ ONLINE TRAININGS was for PMP training and exam preparation (180days access). It’s been a worthwhile learning experience - the course was easier to understand than and helped memory retention. Also the online support team were so kind and helpful-when i ran out of time and my exam was a month away they extended my access for extra 30 days. Success all the way. ---

Excellent course material & support from IQ Online Trainings team

3 5 1
very detailed learning Thank you

Overall a good learning experience

5 5 1
I enquired about Guidewire online Training at IQ online. The instructor has 7+ years of experience in Guidewire Course and explained it very clearly within the time. Also provided material regarding guidewire course and guided interview questions.

PRINCE2 course

5 5 1
I took the PRINCE2 practitioner online class course. I was very satisfied with the material and the content itself. The trainer was a very kind and highly experienced expert not only in PRINCE2 terminology and topics, but also in other well-known methods. So the trainer had a very deep knowledge level from which she could always explain best with practical background. There were sometimes little interruptions with the online classroom platform, but at the end of the day, it was always enough time, to catch up with questions, detailed explanations and so on. I really enjoyed the co-studying with others, though it was a tight timeline for me, to go through the material and always be prepared for the batch, as it was conducted. For all, who look for a course that is affordable and lead to a recognized certification I can absolutely recommend IQ Online Trainings offer. Decide for yourself, if you need or want to be in a physical class with a trainer right in front of you. For me, it was a great alternative in time and money, given that I had to finance it by myself and do it in my free time, without support of my employer.

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