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01 May 2017

Highly Qualified and Experienced Trainers for Hyperion Online Training


Hyperion is a database that allows accessing of data very quickly. Hyperion is the business division of Oracle, known for CPM (Corporate Performance Management) and BI (Business Intelligence) Systems. The main aim of the Hyperion is to support advanced business decision making and business intelligence, by this Business Intelligence is titled as Decision Support System. The portfolio of Hyperion includes products for Budgeting, planning and forecasting, financial management, financial reporting, finance consolidation, database management, treasury management and analytics. Hyperion online training at IQ Tech provides In-depth knowledge on all fundamental concepts.

Business Intelligence (BI) uses advanced processes, technologies and applications used to examine internal, business practices and organized data. Hyperion analyzes and distributes statistical analysis with a topical attention on company challenges. Hyperion is very popular for its key features such as, It allows the total business to integrate and manage goals & strategies and executes, Hyperion runs on a unified platform, It plays vital role in Financial analysis and reporting. IQ online training provides Hyperion training online with all basic concepts and covers all database partitioning techniques with real time case studies.

As we know Oracle remained at the top in innovating Business applications, Hyperion is simply an array that provides various benefits like,

  • The Oracle products with Hyperion can accessible on Cloud and makes it desirable.
  • When comparing with SAP, Hyperion addresses more financial and accounting needs.
  • All are thinking about security when we work on data, in Hyperion data is highly secured.

Online Hyperion training at IQ Tech provides architectural peripheral components and related concepts with real time examples. There are there important peripherals in Hyperion database architecture,

  1. Essbase:Essbase (Extended Spread Sheet DataBASE) is a multidimensional database management system (MDBMS) used to construct analytic applications that provides multidimensional database platform.
  2. Hyperion Planning: – Hyperion Planning is the product of Oracle Enterprise Platform Management Software Suite, which is an industry leading BI software package. The aim of the Hyperion planning is to deliver a planning, budgeting and forecasting solution that meets your all business planning and budgeting requirements.
  3. Data Relationship Management (DRM) :- DRM is an Oracle enterprise change management solution aimed for building and retaining consistency within master data assets instead of endless changes necessary to support underlying transactional and analytical systems.



IQ Online Training is now providing online course for these three concepts in detail with real time examples. IQ Tech delivers classes through Instructor-Led live type by this learners can easily understand the concepts and can communicate with trainers easily.

For More Details on Hyperion DRM Online Training Course please visit…. https://www.iqonlinetraining.com/hyperion-drm-online-training/.

For details on Hyperion Essbase Online Training Course Please Visit… https://www.iqonlinetraining.com/hyperion-essbase-online-training/.

For More Details on Hyperion Planning Online Training Course please visit…. https://www.iqonlinetraining.com/hyperion-planning-online-training/

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