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Groovy & Grails Training


Groovy course for Java developers. Following this course, participants will be able to benefit from the de facto standard for dynamic languages on the Java platform and enhance and simplify their future source code–in particular database access, web services, modularization of GUI components and much more besides. During the course, the theory is examined in greater depth using examples from developers’ daily work.


Grails course for Java developers. This course introduces you to the basic principles of Grails. You will learn effective usage and best practices, enabling you to achieve not only rapid results but also the development of durable and robust solutions. A theory is examined in greater depth during the course using examples. In these two days, you will get to create a complete, database-based web application.

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Advanced Grails:

Getting started in Grails is easy, and the subsequent steps towards larger applications are likewise very well supported. With increasing requirements comes the need to better understand the background, to embed Grails applications into existing landscapes, and all in all to draw greater advantages from the rich features of the platform. If you know the basics of Grails and wish to build on these, then this is the right course for you.

Course Objectives


  • Basic Java knowledge
  • Groovy (roughly content of Groovy course)
  • Groovy & Grails (with project experience or experience with contents of courses Groovy and Grails)

Course Curriculum

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  • Introduction to Groovy
  • Installation and overview of the tool
  • Foundations and principles of Groovy
  • Groovy Beans
  • Collections and Closures
  • APIs, integration with Java, metaprogramming
  • Groovy Testing
  • DSLs (domain-specific languages)
  • Scripting
  • Further topics as introduced by the participant


  • Introduction to Grails
  • Installation and first steps
  • Scaffolding
  • GORM and Controllers
  • Services
  • Grails and Spring
  • GSP, Tag Libraries, and GSP Templates
  • Resource handling (particularly cached and zipped resources)
  • Sitemesh Layout, Ajax
  • Grails plug-ins
  • Dos and Dont’s


  • Advanced GORM
  • Adapted Scaffolding
  • Correct use of Taglibs and GSP templates
  • Interactive visualization
  • Resource management
  • Command line extension
  • Plug-ins: effective usage and writing your own
  • Dependency management
  • Testing (unit / integration / functional)
  • Dos and Dont’s
  • Working on participant-specific tasks
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