What are the basic requirements to learn a course ?

The basic requirements are very minimal. All you need is to have a desktop / laptop , web browser, Microphone and high speed internet connection.

Is Online Training suitable for me ?

  Online learning is suitable for:

  • Working professionals who want to hone their skills, but don’t have time to attend regular courses
  • People who are looking for jobs and doesn’t have any practical experience on real time projects
  • Students looking for gaining knowledge in the latest technologies
Do you also help in choosing the right course ?

Yes. We do help you to choose the right course. Often it’s very difficult and confusing to choose a right course. Since a large number of courses are available, it’s even more difficult. However, we will assist you in selecting the right course as taking a wrong step at this juncture will be a waste of time, effort and money. Our support team will carefully listen to you and  your interests, analyze your skills and will suggest you a suitable training course.

Do you provide any job assistance?

Yes. We do provide job assistance service to the prospective learners. Once you successfully complete the course and fulfill all the assignments and take up projects, you will be eligible for our placement assistance. Whenever we get openings matching to your profile, we will be informing you about them and will also groom you to attend the interviews confidently.

Is it possible for me to enroll in multiple courses ?

Its possible for you to join multiple courses at a time. However, you have to make sure that you can spend ample time in practicing them, otherwise its a waste of time and effort. Also, taking relevant courses at a single time will be more helpful for you to finish the course as soon as possible and to find lucrative jobs.

Are there any breaks in between the sessions ?

No. There will not be any breaks in the classes. Unless and until there is a strong reason, no break is allowed. Since taking breaks in between the classes cause distraction, we usually don’t encourage any break in between the classes.

How can I clarify my doubts while in the class ?

Once you register with us, you can ask your doubts in between the  lecture or after the session is over. There will be a doubt clarification session at the end of each class . Once registered, you will be assigned a trainer who will give you live guidance throughout the duration of program.If you have any doubts and need clarifications from the faculty, you can inform him the same and clarify your doubts.

Do you provide course material ?

Yes. We provide all the course material for free. The course material comprises of basics to advanced concepts and pictorial graphs for your understanding. It will also comprise of interview question and answers, major points to remember, facts and so on.

What will be the fee for each course ?

The course fee varies for each course and to know further details about them, you can contact us.Our courses come at affordable prices and are the lowest one when compared with other organizations. Since our motto is to take educate all, we have structured the fee in such a way that anyone can afford it.

Who can register for the training courses ?

The minimum educational requirement is a graduation. However, there can be exceptions in specific cases based on the interest and need of the learner. Anyone who is interested in learning new technologies can join the course. However, learners who are under 17 years age should take the help of their parent / guardian to enroll in our courses.

Who are the trainers ?

We have hired some of the best trainers in the industry and who have extensive experience in their field. They are thoroughly trained in our training methodology to become the best trainers.

What about the computer requirements?

You just need a computer and high speed internet connection to start off. A minimum of 256 KBPS bandwidth will be sufficient to view our online training classes. Although, it can work well with lower  bandwidth too, it might take long time for the sessions to stream/ download.

Is there a refund policy ?

Yes. We refund the full amount if you inform us before the beginning of the third class. After the third class has begun, no refund is allowed.

Is it possible to attend the classes from any place ?

You can attend the classes from anywhere, provided you have the above basic requirements. In-fact, this is the one of the salient feature of our course wherein you can listen to the classes from being anywhere in the world.

Can I ask for support sessions ?

You can surely ask for support sessions. After registering with us, you will be provided with the contact details of our support team. You can contact them and request for the needed help.

What are the payment options ?

There are several payment options to choose from. For more information, please visit our payment method section.

Do you provide any help in installing the technology of the course ?

We will provide all the required support in installing the technology and setting up the required environment for practicing on the system. We will be providing the detailed step by step procedure in the Learning Management System. If you still have doubts, you can contact our support team for further help.