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06 Jun 2018

What is DevOps? |Myths and Facts | Top companies using Devops



All You Want To Know


What is DevOps? And why it is important?

 DevOps (Development and operations):

There are many definitions for DevOps out there; amongst all, I would like to give my simple definition.

Simple terms –

DevOps does not just mean Development and operations, but it is a collaboration of different teams working together to give quality, cost-efficient and productive results. Irrespective of the business type; whether it is small or large scale, startup or established, implementing DevOps can fetch great results.



While it is not a fixed methodology, automation and a collaborative culture are the foundation for accepted DevOps practices, which include:

  • Measuring the things that have an impact on an organization’s goals
  • Making those measurements visible to everyone
  • Using a shared set of tools
  • Including all teams in the software delivery process from the earliest planning stages.


DevOps Life-Cycle:

Devops Life Cycle 

Benefits of DevOps:


Benefits of Devops



Skills required:

Here I’m going to share a few skills that would be most expected to achieve expertise in DevOps.

  1. Experience with infrastructure automation tools like Puppet, Docker, Chef, Ansible and good fluency in web languages like Ruby, Python, PHP is the must-needed skills to become proficient in DevOps.
  2. Familiarity with CI (continuous integration) tools like CruiseControl, Jenkins, etc.
  3. Security training.
  4. Expertise in soft skills like problem-solving, team-building, negotiation, listening skills, etc.

Other skills include:

  • Knowledge of software build cycles
  • Experience deploying code
  • Familiarity with application programming
  • Database management

Even though you achieve many of the above skills, doing certifications related to this would be an added advantage.

Some Certifications like:

  • Risk Management
  • Scrum Master
  • Project Management

Myths and Facts:


  • DevOps is just a tool to learn.
  • DevOps is only about effective communication.
  • DevOps is only useful for the cloud.
  • DevOps is only used in open-source software.


  • Out of all the organizations that were surveyed, 66% have implemented DevOps and continuous delivery for their applications.
  • Only 16% of those organizations saw DevOps as a cost-reducing driver. 49% of the participants credited DevOps for their better performance, faster time to market, and better ROI.
  • A DevOps engineer also plays a role in speeding up software production and IT services.
  • DevOps is expanding to companies of all sizes
  • Microsoft and VMware own few of the most popular vendor-specific DevOps platforms.

Top companies using DevOps:

Top Companies using Devops



Future Scope of DevOps:

Devops future scope




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