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23 Nov 2017

Devops importance|principles|DevOps tools


What is DevOps?

DevOps is an environment where a better collaboration of Software development and IT operations take place. In DevOps, a harmonious way exists between these two teams and particularly while they perform all the software activities like Development, testing and operations of a project.


The term DevOps was created by merging the two words mainly Development and Operations i.e., by adding the first two letters of those two words.


Why is DevOps Important?

Implementing this new approach would bring in many advantages to an organization. A seamless set up can be operated between the teams of developers, testing executives and operational executives and hence they can work in collaboration with each other to achieve a better output on a project. The impact of new code on software performance is understood better in this practice. In fact, there is a flexibility of fast interaction with other teams that help in resolving the issues soon. DevOps promotes a healthy environment by encouraging a shared responsibility and accountability.

Some of the impressive statistics got uncovered by 2017 State of DevOps report. It is saying that effective utilization of DevOps principles by high performing organizations obtains following benefits:

– An increased curve in operation efficiency and customer satisfaction.

– In comparison to their competitors, they were able to make 46x more frequent software deployments.

– When it comes to changes, they experience 440x faster lead time.

– 96x faster recovery from the failures.

Thus, switching over to DevOps approach would be of great benefit to organizations as it creates a more efficient and agile environment for their clients as well as employees. The importance of DevOps is spreading like fire among the organizations and those who have not implemented it are able to notice that the DevOps implemented organizations are achieving significantly higher operational efficiency also providing a better customer experience. They realize that if they don’t embrace DevOps soon then they will be left in the dust. With more and more organizations moving to DevOps environment, DevOps skilled professionals are in huge demand across the globe. Particularly, in the USA alone, around 15, 000 jobs are available for this year, as per indeed.

Best way to Make Your Career in DevOps

DevOps LoGo:

The logo for DevOps is Infinity, which means never-ending, or you can say continuously. Hence, DevOps is a Software Development approach which involves Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Monitoring of the software throughout its development life cycle.

devops life cycle

Here you can see how a DevOps lifecycle looks like. It starts with plan stage and goes to monitor stage and the same cycle repeats again and again continuously.

The stages in blue are for Development team and the stages in yellow are for Operation team.

DevOps Major Tools & its Chain:

The Major DevOps Tools are like Git, Jenkins, Puppet, Docker etc.

devops tools

DevOps Tool Chain:

– Code: code development and continuous integration tools

– Build: version controls, build status and code merging

– Test: continuous testing phases which determine performance

– Package: artifact repository, application pre-deployment staging

– Release: change management, release approvals, release automation

– Configure:  infrastructure configuration and management, Infrastructure as Code tools

– Monitor: applications performance monitoring, end-user experience

DevOps Principles:

The main three principles that drive the DevOps culture in various companies are described below.

– Holistic Approach to Problem Solving

A holistic approach to problem-solving means developers or the QAs need to view problems outside coding or test cases if required.

– No Silos

Silos will have occurred when there is a paucity of effective communication, feedback sharing, and review mechanisms. To break down silos, the code needs to be reviewed by peers, knowledge needs to be shared so that the unavailability of any single employee does not become a showstopper, work needs to be documented and everyone must be enabled to deploy software.

– Rapid and Continuous Feedback

Companies should want their internal employees to identify defects in the software before their customers do. To do this, the software should be frequently deployed and reviewed by employees from different teams and the feedback should be continuously incorporated.

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