Certification Exams

IQ offers certification oriented Online training programs for appearing in global certification exams conducted by major IT organizations such as  Microsoft, SAP, Java, Oracle , CISCO etc. Join our courses and get certification guidance and see the difference in your career.

A certification on your resume will enhance the chances of your profile getting shortlisted for an interview call. Our certification training courses are designed to help the professionals to tune their skills and get ready for higher pay packages. A certification in a particular area will confirm your knowledge as well as demonstrate experience in a specific product or solution.

Our Online training courses are designed to equip you with all the knowledge required to pass the certification exams of specific companies. These certifications will validate your capabilities in a job role. A person with certification in a specific technology will have an edge over others as they are authorized by the respective company to work on their products.

Over the past few years, IQ has become the hub for training thousands of young graduates and working professionals to prepare for the certification exams. Preparing for these exams is not that easy, as you have to spend lots of time (sometimes even months and years together), to acquire the required knowledge to pass the exam with flying colors.

At IQ, online learning programs are conducted by senior and certified professionals with rich experience in their field. Certifications will also . These certificates on your resume will allow you to get a job easily or for getting promotions in your career making you stand apart from others.

Popular certification training we offer are :

  • Microsoft Products
  • Cisco products
  • Java Certification
  • Oracle Certification
  • SAP Certification