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IQ Tech Online training facility is a leading global provider of online IT education. An established institute in the area of imparting online training, IQ Tech offers the latest in IT trends and technology across specializations.

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The CCNA course at IQ is a balanced mix for learners to take the certification test as well to compete for job opportunities. It focuses on both the hardware as well as software essentials required for the certification. The course is also designed for students to develop a hands-on experience and focuses on complex technical concepts required in real life scenarios too. The course can be customized as per a learner’s requirement availability and schedule.

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Course Name  CCNA Online Training
Contents Fundamentals of  CCNA
Duration 60 Hours with Flexible timings
Delivery Instructor Led-Live Online Training
Eligibility Any Graduate
Ideal For Fresher’s, aspirants seeking  Networking as Career Choice
Availability Regular/Weekend Batches. 24×7 teaching assistance and support.

Course Objectives

What you’ll learn in CCNA Training Course?

  • Covers in detail real-time role and responsibilities
  • Helps you rediscover Local and Wide Area Network
  • Focuses on understanding Network components and connect methods
  • Devela ops thorough understanding of real-time IP Addressing
  • Explores Switching & Routing Technologies
  • Focuses on advance security design methodology
  • Covers topics essential for certification and job-interviews


CCNA is one of the most sought-after Network Administration Platform opening up doors for various job opportunities in multiple advance categories such as CCNA Voice, CCNA Wireless, and CCNA Security. Technological advancements always challenge IT professionals to keep updated with industry happenings. The CCNA Online Training at IQ Tech includes the foundation concepts of networking with sufficient focus on practical aspects of configuration, administration and troubleshooting abilities.

Course Curriculum

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The CCNA Online Training at IQ Tech is balanced to help seekers find a suitable role in the industry as well as acquire the CCNA certification. The course thoroughly covers all desired networking concepts, IP Addressing, IP Protocol functioning, Switching and Routing Technologies , Global Standards and Best Practices



  • Basic Internet works and scalability Check
  • Internet working
  • Functionality of routers, switches, bridges and hubs
  • Underlying components of specific network
  • Understand generic network applications, Application Load network
  • Introduction of OSI and TCP/IP models
  • Protocol Functionality in OSI Vs.TCP/IP
  • Calculate the accurate data flow between multiple hosts in a network
  • Types of media, cables, ports, and connectors
  • Connect Means of Cisco network devices to other network
  • Configuration of devices and hosts in a LAN


  • Ethernet Technology, Concept of Data Encapsulation
  • Switching concept in detail with functionality
  • How Cisco switches operate
  • Practice switch configuration covering remote access management
  • Basic Utilities that validate network status & switch operation
  • VLANs concept as logical separate networks
  • Purpose for routing between VLANs
  • Practice configuring and validating VLANs
  • Configure and verify Trunk Links to transact VLAN info between Switches
  • Advanced Switching technologies
  • construct and validate PVSTP operation


  • Concept of private and public IP addresses
  • Guidelines and benefits of IPV4 addressing in private and public scope
  • IPv6 addressing suiting in a LAN/WAN environment
  • IPv4 addressing with VLSM and summarization to suite in a LAN/WAN environment.
  • illustrate IPv6 addresses with auto configuration


  • Introducing basic routing concepts covering packet mode
  • CLI to configure set basic Router. Verify Functionality
  • Implement & Validate working status of a device interface
  • Validate network connectivity& router configuration with various methods
  • Implement and validate configured routing for a static route with given requirements
  • Extensive coverage of Routing and Routing protocols
  • Implement & Validate OSPF
  • Concept of Inter-VLAN routing, configuration and Validation
  • SVI interfaces Configuration
  • Work on Cisco IOS Files
  • EIGRP Configuration and verification


  • DHCP in Practice, Configuration and Verification
  • ACLs conceptual, Types, Features and functionality
  • ACLs configuration in a network ecosystem
  • Map Whole network to single IP with NAT
  • NAT Functionality Overview
  • Implement and Validate NAT for specific network requirements
  • FHRP Protocol Functionality, configuration, and validation
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