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26 Sep 2019

What does Data Scientists do? Role of Data Science in Artificial Intelligence


For the management of information, data science and artificial intelligence are very much important in this modern age of business. To fulfill their roles, data scientists are using artificial intelligence, as well as machine learning. In this article, we will explore what role artificial intelligence and machine learning play in data science? What is Artificial […]

23 Sep 2019

Key Features & Capabilities of Oracle Endeca

Features and Capabilities of Oracle Endeca Oracle Endeca Commerce is an eCommerce search engine that is renowned to provide personalized search experience. Oracle Endeca Commerce is designed to authorize retailers to deliver a great selling experience that will drive more clicks and conversions. Oracle Endeca Commerce is a pioneer of the faceted search feature that […]

20 Aug 2019

Mule ESB Tutorial | What are the Capabilities and features of Mule ESB

Mule ESB Tutorial   Mule ESB is very much essential in developing and implementing various modes of interactions and flows between applications and platforms made in a service-oriented architecture. Mule is a Java-based enterprise service bus (ESB). Mule ESB allows developers to connect applications together quickly and enables communication and data interchange. It also enables […]

10 Aug 2019

Key Benefits, Features and Applications of Workday Financial Management


Introduction  In Today’s market businesses are increasing globally and changing rapidly. A lot of Finance organizations are facing a lot of pressure to go beyond managing the account.  They have to manage accounting, cash, assets, and projects, and complete processes such as consolidate to close, contract to cash, procure to pay, projects, and planning. This […]

29 Jul 2019

What is APIGEE? What are the benefits of learning APIGEE

APIGEE is today’s important source of API skills and services for developers. API Management refers to the practices and tools that enable an organization to govern and monitor its Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). API Management controls how the gateway passes calls to the back-end service and then hands off the response back to the invoker’s site. […]

26 Jul 2019

What is Appium | Appium Mobile automation testing tutorial

What is Appium? Why it is Important? According to Google, there are nearly 3 million apps in play stores across all platforms like Android, IOS. There is a mobile app for everything you could ever imagine. With the growth of digitalization mobile users are increasing day by day. Business owners who have websites are allowing […]

14 May 2019

How to Make Confident Decisions Using Data Science

We call this Digital Era because people are digitally more active than ever before. As a result, data is growing in an exponential way. According to a report, IDC predicted, the data will grow by almost six folds by 2025 compared to 2018. Thus, it becomes difficult to make complex data human-readable to draw a […]

04 Apr 2019

Tips to learn Python programming easily

Python is one of the very flexible and easy to learn languages. Python is used mostly in Machine Learning and Data Analytics, which are in high usage these days. Every programmer wants Python to be in their bag of skills. However, the question is how do you start learning it? Here are a few tips […]

22 Mar 2019

Things to know before Taking Workday HCM Training Course

1. What is Workday? Workday HCM (Human Capital Management) is a cloud-based human resource software application that unifies many different HR functionalities like payroll, time tracking, and compensation, etc, and Talent management into one system. With the comprehensive services provided by Workday software, many organizations are using it to their most useful. Moreover, it is […]

13 Mar 2019

Top Big Data Trends to look in 2019

Big Data deals with large chunks of data set and analyzes it to make patterns or trends used for insights and many other purposes. The data keeps growing at a rapid pace with each day passing by and this demands a need for big data solutions to streamline and manage the data. Since most of […]