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Top 5 Hadoop Job Roles for the aspiring Big Data enthusiasts

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020



With Big data picking up momentum in IT industry, organizations are hoping to procure capable Hadoop skilled students is in a huge demand. The most ideal approach to comprehend about the diverse specialized experts working with HDFS, MapReduce and the whole Hadoop frameworks is to learn about different Hadoop job roles and descriptions - which is assorted types ranging from Hadoop developers to data scientists. Numerous professionals or students are worried about getting mastery in various Hadoop frameworks and this list of job descriptions and roles for Hadoop will help them settle on the right choice by helping them in picking the sought part as a Hadoop professional.

Some may have the doubt that, does the hadoop certification have any kind of effect in landing job as a Hadoop Architect, Hadoop developer, or a Hadoop administrator – and the answer is yes, many companies are searching for trained specialists. Hadoop jobs are very profitable and it accompanies a cost of knowing the innovation inside and out. Here is a brief outline of the different Hadoop job responsibilities and roles.

Hadoop Developer

A Hadoop developer responsibilities and roles comprises programming/ coding of Hadoop applications. Preferably the applicant ought to have no less than 2 years of experience as a software developer. Hadoop developer responsibilities and roles are identical to an application developer or software developer - alludes to the same part yet in the Big Data space.

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Hadoop Architect

A Hadoop architect parts responsibilities and roles comprises designing and planning latest framework models of big data. He/She is likewise accountable for handling with the development and distribution of Hadoop applications. It requisite of hands on delivery experience and subject matter expertise on common Hadoop distribution platforms like HortonWorks, Cloudera, and MapR.

Hadoop Tester

The role of a Hadoop tester is to troubleshoot and detect bugs in Hadoop applications. Like in any product improvement lifecycle, a tester undertakes a vital part in ensuring the application is working as anticipated under all circumstances. So also, a Hadoop Tester ensures - the Pig Latin scripts, the MapReduce jobs, the HiveQL scripts are working.

Hadoop Administrator

A Systems Administrator is known as a Hadoop Administrator in Hadoop Domain. Hadoop Admin Responsibilities and Roles comprises installation of Hadoop clusters and nodes. Different tasks include maintenance, backup, and recovery. Hadoop administration needs good understanding of Hadoop architecture and excellent knowledge of hardware systems.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist is acknowledged to be the "Superlative" Hadoop job role of the 21st century. Data scientists work on resolving real-world complications with real-time data. They are great at utilizing diverse procedures for examining data from various sources to help business settle on wise choices. They need both abilities of an applied scientist and a software engineer.

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