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Top & latest 20 Interview Question and Answers for SAP Fiori

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020


SAP Fiori Interview Questions and Answers -  Here are the most frequently asked question &answers to crack interview and achieve your goal into SAP Fiori.


1. What do you know about SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori is a great user experience (UX) and a collection of SAP software and applications which are used on some business functions like financial apps, work approvals, and other self-service apps. These applications are created by using the SAPUI5 framework which is a collection of libraries. SAP Fiori displays a completely new user experience (UX) for the applications.

It also provides more than 300 role-based applications like finance, HR, Manufacturing etc.

2. What are the various configuration steps in SAP Fiori?

There are two parts involved in the configuration SAP Fiori:

  1. Transaction Apps and Factsheets
  2. A configuration of Analytical Apps

The complete infrastructure of SAP Fiori apps must be installed before configuring anything. Once the installation is completed, activities can be configured on front-end and back-end servers.

3. What’s the Difference between SAP UI5 and SAP FIORI?

SAP Fiori is a User Interface with a collection of apps that are created using the predefined JavaScript library of SAPUI5 which are provided by SAP. UI5 is basically a framework which is based on the MVC pattern. This framework helps in the building a web application easily.


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4. What is FIORI Launchpad and explain it?

SAP Fiori launchpad is a one-stop shell to access all the 500+ Fiori applications and serves as a homepage or entry point for all the applications. The launched pad can be completely customized according to the need and shows a tile-based UI.

5. Can a FIORI application be customized?

Yes, Fiori application can fully be customized according to our need. It consists of some ‘enhancement points’ which give users access to modify Fiori application.

6. How does data flow happen in SAP Fiori Launchpad? Explain the steps.

Here is the sequence of steps involved in the data flow of Launchpad:

  • Launchpad Designer – Add a catalog, add a group
  • Target mapping – semantic object, action
  • Static/Dynamic Launcher
  • PFCG – Catalog, group

7. What are the different OData services that are required for SAP Fiori Launchpad?

In order to establish a mapping between technical OData name and the corresponding back-end service, enabling OData services in Net Weaver gateway is a must. Here are the steps that are needed to act for SAP Fiori Launchpad and Launchpad designer.


8. What are the different options in SAP Fiori Launchpad design?

There are two options in SAP Fiori Launchpad design.

i). Configuration Layer – It possesses all the content which is delivered to customers including translation.

ii). Customization Layer – Using a customization layer, customers can adjust content in the system for all users. CUST layer is used here for testing and some other purposes. Content is transportable by the customers. Once customization is done content is separated from the configuration layer.

9. Why SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori 2.0 has a greater number of advantages since it is an evolution of UX for SAP S/4 HANA. It offers a wide number of business benefits, such as:

  • Increased productivity
  • Helps users by taking suggested and quick actions.
  • Timely notifications
  • Suggests the next thing be done to the users.
  • User satisfaction can be increased greatly.


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  1. State all app launched tile types in SAP Fiori?

There are three different file types.

Static – The content which is already present is shown here. Content can be text or icon.

Dynamic – Here the numbers which can be read dynamically are shown.

News Tile – Depending on the configuration of the tile, it helps us surf through different news messages.

11. What is the use of OData protocol?

In order to exchange data on the web, OData protocol is used which was coined and originally developed by Microsoft. Atom Syndication and Atom Publishing standards are the ones on which OData is based on.

The Atom publishing format fails in providing self-describing messages since it doesn’t specify how Data should be encoded within a feed.

OData provides a definition for −

  • Simple types
  • Complex Types
  • Custom behavior
  • Association as well as Navigation course among entries.
  • OData additionally provides an opportunity representation of records in the format of JSON.

12. What is Component?

Component or Component.js is an index containing all our application details like routing details, main view, view names, application types, etc.

13. What is SAPUI5 Bootstrapping?

Bootstrapping here means loading and initializing SAPUI5 in an HTML page. “Among all libraries that are loaded in SAPUI5 bootstrap, SAP-UI-core.js has prime importance.

14. What are the different types of views that are available in SAPUI5?

Following are the predefined 3 types of view available in SAPUI5:

  • JSON view
  • JavaScript View(JS View)
  • HTML View

15. What are Fiori Design Principles?

While designing SAP Fiori apps, these are the 5 design principles we need to keep in mind.

  • Simple
  • Delightful
  • Role-Based
  • Responsive
  • Coherent

16. Can you identify a Workflow template in SAP Fiori and if so how?

Yes, we can identify the Workflow templates which are prefixed with “WS”.

17. What is the use of SAP Solution Manager and Application Lifecycle Management?

SAP Solution Manager plays the important decisive role in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and is a standard platform for ALM. To ensure a comprehensive approach, SAP Solution Manager integrates the other tools also.

18. How to customize of UI Technologies in SAP Fiori?

We can customize using transaction code /UI2/CUST

19. How to utilize a Fiori Client application with a supported VPN solution?

We can make use of Pulse secure without any installation in Fiori Client. Pulse secure is a supported VPN solution.

A precondition to using this:

  • Use the iOS platform
  • Use Pulse Secure server
  • Create a custom Fiori Client
  • Utilize SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) 3.0 OData Runtime

20. Can the user enable automatic login for Fiori Client?

No, automatic login by the user is not possible for Fiori Client, since it is considered as an insecure solution. But, it can be done by using only one similar way either through Android or iOS, and also only one user can be enabled at a time.

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