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Tips to learn Python programming easily

Last updated on Wed 15 Apr 2020



Python is one of the very flexible and easy to learn languages. Python is used mostly in Machine Learning and Data Analytics, which are in high usage these days. Every programmer wants Python to be in their bag of skills. However, the question is how do you start learning it?

Here are a few tips for the best outcome.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key. Code each day; code consistently. In order not to get a deviation from learning, it is necessary to manage at least 25 minutes to 1 hour of focus every day with a commitment. Developing a habit of Coding every day can increase your memory as well.

Write what you learn

Write down what you learn. Writing by hand can help you remember the things longer. Moreover, it a better way to write down code before implementing. Developing such a habit can be more beneficial to become a full-time developer.

It becomes easy in the interview also when the interviewer asks to write a piece of code on a piece of paper.

Try Interactive

To start with the basics of Python data structures or debugging, Interactive Python shell is the best you can try. To use this feature, make sure to install Python on your unit. There is a lot of tutorials available out there on how to activate it.

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Take short breaks in between

If you work continuously for much longer, then the information intake may be overload since it is new learning. This is the reason why taking small breaks in between is suggested for every 25 minutes. This refreshes your mind and body. Repeat this process to improve efficiency and overcome any frustration caused due to bugs that come your way.

Learn debugging methodology

Whether you are a fresher or an expert, facing bugs is unavoidable. Do not let them stump you over and stop your work. Try out a way to debug.

When you are continuously on it, you make a habit or create a methodology to deal with bugs. Once you are at this level, run the Python debugger script. This helps you go to the interactive mode and makes it easy to fix bugs.

Involve with Other Learners

The environment has a greater influence on you. If you surround yourself with like-minded people, this would help you a lot. Although coding seems an individual activity, working with people who try to share and improve their knowledge can help you become better.

You can start by finding and attending local events or meetups through social media and engage with other people passionate to learn Python.

Teach while learning

Teaching others enhances our knowledge. It would help you a lot if you teach others while learning python coding. You can do this through a blog post, social media groups, forums, etc. This solidifies your understanding of Python programming.

Start implementing

Do not just learn; try to implement what you learn. Since Python is a trending programming language, there are many projects for the beginners to do. This help in enhancing what you learn.

You will learn different methods while implementing a program. Learning the course just gives you knowledge of basic concepts, but your actual learning comes by implementing.


Yay.!! You become a good Python Programmer if you follow these tips.

There is a chance you might lose interest in between - take few breaks in between and start with fresh mind again.

Once you complete learning, start to learn new things.

All the best!

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