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Things to know before Taking Workday HCM Training Course

Last updated on Mon 16 Mar 2020



1. What is Workday?

Workday HCM (Human Capital Management) is a cloud-based human resource software application that unifies many different HR functionalities like payroll, time tracking, and compensation, etc, and Talent management into one system. With the comprehensive services provided by Workday software, many organizations are using it to their most useful. Moreover, it is easy to learn and implement.

2. How does ERP relate to Workday?

In Workday, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a term used to mention all the Business System suites like Talent Management, Payroll Solutions, Human Resource Management, Finance Systems, etc.

3. Does Workday work on any device and on any Internet browser?

Yes, Workday works on devices like PC, Mac, Tablets, Android, iPhone and all the browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

4. Does information is secure with Workday?

Yes, In Workday, information Security is a high priority. Workday ensures greater security with world-class infrastructure, policies, strong internal controls, and a great security program.


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5. Name the key features of Workday HCM.

Below are the Key features of Workday HCM:

  • Talent Management
  • Payroll Solutions
  • Payroll Co-sourcing Services
  • Goal Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Performance Management
  • Career and Development Planning
  • Cloud Connect for Third-party Payroll

6. What are all the languages Workday HCM supports?

It supports only English.

7. How easy is Workday?

Workday is user-friendly, therefore very easy to work on.

8. Is Workday implemented in Higher Education Institutions?

Yes, Workday is implemented in many Higher Education Institutions like Penn State (the first university), Carnegie-Mellon University, Cornell University, and many others have implemented for their HCM and Payroll initiatives.

9. What is this new system look like?

Workday is not much different from websites like banking, shopping, social media, etc.

10. What is Workday Business process?

It is a set tasks people do like initiating, acting and approving to achieve a specific business objective is called Workday Business Process. As soon as the business process is initiated, tasks are assigned to the specific people based on their role by Workday and make sure the process takes place correctly by enforcing security and business rules.

11. What kind of reports does workday provide?

Workday provides multi-dimensional and real-time analytics & reports. The reports can be drilled down to transaction level details using which an employee or manager can act immediately.

12. What are the different kinds of jobs a Workday HCM professional can perform?

Here are the available job roles a Workday HCM professional can perform.

  • Workday Analyst
  • Workday Consultant
  • Workday Manager
  • Workday Architect
  • Workday Functional Consultant
  • Workday Project Manager

13. An average salary of Workday HCM Consultant

The average salary is $107K USD in the United States.

14. Name some of the big companies recruiting Workday professionals.

Here is a list of few MNCs who recruit Workday professionals.

  • Accenture
  • IBM
  • HP
  • Deloitte
  • Sierra-Cedar
  • Workday
  • Towers Watson

15. What can I do with Workday HCM?

There are many works that can be done by Workday HCM. For example, if we consider Employee Self-Service, one can make some changes in information like mobile number, email, home address, W-4 withholding allowances, payroll direct payment accounts, etc. Moreover, one can view information like pay stubs, future W-2 forms, tax elections, benefit elections, etc.

16. What are some of the transformations workday HCM brings in the Human Resource field?

Here are the following

  • Job Scheduling
  • Search Bar
  • Audit Trail
  • Related Actions
  • Reporting
  • User Interface

17. Is Workday replacing ADP, the Self-Service Portal, Payex?


18. How can you switch your career to Workday function consultant from Java Developer?

With good analytical skills and good interest, one can easily switch from Java Developer to Workday functional consultant.

19. What type of users mostly implements Workday HCM?

Midsize and large scale businesses are typical customers.

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