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The Minimalist Guide to SAP HANA

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020



Make real time corporate business possible with SAP HANA, a prodigious in- memory application platform and database. Built to ease your IT environment, this strong platform discharges the intelligence within processes of your company data so you innovate through your operations and may speed up critical conclusions.

SAP HANA is an in- memory application platform that has completely altered the relational database production. It combines application processing, database and integration solutions about the distinct platform. This structural design also gives libraries for business analytics, planning, predictive, planning, spatial and text processing.

Services provides by the SAP HANA support real-time tasks, smarter decision making, and better business benefits. Let’s consider some of the advantages of SAP HANA here:

  • Analytics and Reporting
    Control real time in- memory analytics and reporting offering the in depth information you'll need, at the promptness-you requisite it.
  • Big Data
    Usage and Handling petabytes of organized, text, and spatial data from retailers such as Hadoop and EDW – and estimate first-hand prospects.
  • Data Management
    Capturing, integrating, and delivering thorough and precise data to any user or program in real time – with SAP HANA.
  • Data Warehousing
    Improve data warehousing so consumers uncover trends, accelerate analyses, and can identify the correct data in the appropriate moment.

SAP HANA platform features:

  • Application Services:

SAP HANA offers Web server, a featured application server, and development environment inside the appliance itself.

  • Integration Services
    All of your information sources can be incorporated into SAP HANA – to check your SAP HANA programs or even to accomplish in depth evaluates.
  • Data Center promptness
    Datacenter promptness can be the way they work together and a quality limit element that monitors SAP HANA’s modules.
  • Security and Administration
    Delivering network security and monitoring system health are fundamental projects for managers. They are both assembled into SAP HANA.
  • Database Services
    ACID compliant and fully transactional and relational database, planned to cost-effectually accomplish all your data with all-out performance.
  • Handling Abilities
    Handling Abilities involves calculation machines, and relational, text that offer exceptional control to Big Data Programs.

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