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Tableau Introduction| Implementation | Advantages

Last updated on Wed 18 Mar 2020


Tableau is emerging as one of the hottest trends in business intelligence. Learn Best Tableau Online training from Industry experts through IQ Online Training


Tableau is a soaring technology. “Tableau is recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for the sixth year in a row in 2018.”

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a business intelligence and data visualization tool that turns data into actionable insights probably business insights.

Simple words, Tableau helps to see and understand data. You don’t need any coding knowledge to work with Tableau.

Implementation of Tableau

Tableau has different implementations for small-scale and enterprise-level deployments. For small-scale deployments, it has easy options that help complete the setup in just a few hours. Below is the 4-step implementation for enterprise-level deployment.

  1. IT planning, architecture consulting, pre-install check-up, and server set-up and verification, and security configuration comes in the first step.
  2. Data comes into play in the second step. This includes data modeling, data mining, data extraction, data sources, and business workflow.
  3. Here the employees actually use the tool and the company ensures that.
  4. The fourth and the final step. Here the usage of Tableau expands across the business. Workshops are conducted to discuss the implementations and measurable outcomes.


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Different Tableau Products:

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop shapes tabulated data into eye-catching graphs. We can connect data directly from the data warehouse and can perform real-time data analytics. We also have the advantage of integrating multiple data from different sources by importing them into Tableau’s data engine.

Tableau Server

Besides the features of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server has network capabilities and we can also share dashboards created in Tableau Desktop. So, this can be used as a reporting tool or for instant communication.

Tableau Online

As the name represents, it is an online or cloud version to make the software available to everyone. Here also, you can share dashboards created in Tableau Desktop with the colleagues on the go. This helps in faster and easier access to business intelligence online.

 Tableau Reader

This is a free desktop version of Tableau. Here, you can drill down data but you cannot modify it. Which means you can only view the visualizations created in Tableau.

Tableau Public

This is also a free version. Here you can make visualizations but the disadvantage is we need to save the visualizations in the Tableau Server which can be accessed by everyone.

Here we have two in Tableau Public.

  • Tableau Public Desktop and 2). Tableau Public Server

In the first one, we need to save our workbook in Tableau Public cloud itself and also we can work only on the available local data.

In the later one, our workbook and data are freely available through Tableau Public cloud and we can use only data extracts and there is a cap on the use of only 1 million rows.

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Tableau Vs Excel

In Excel, we need to look for the insights and have to apply the formulas accordingly, whereas, in Tableau, it takes us to the unbelievable insights. With the available interactive visualizations and drilling tools, we can explore data without any particulars in the mind.

Introduction to Tableau

Advantages of Tableau:

Beautiful Data Visualization

Quickly create interactive visualizations

Enhanced user-experience using Tableau

Tableau can handle large amounts of data

Leverage the power of a database

Can use other scripting languages like R, Python, etc. in the tableau

You don't need to do anything

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