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Step By Step Guide To Oracle BI Installation and Configuration

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020



Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition consists of components that were formerly available from Siebel Systems as Siebel Business Analytics Platform, with a number of significant enhancements. This guide contains information on installing and configuring the infrastructure or platform components of Oracle Business Intelligence on approved operating system platforms and deployments.

Prerequisites: Before installing Oracle BI following software have to be installed.

  • Login into the machine with the username having admin access to the box.
  • Install IIS
  • Install Oracle Client for Oracle database connectivity
  • Install Java SDK 5 or better
  • Install latest JRE available

  Installation Steps:

  • Go to http://edelivery.oracle.com and download the Oracle BI Software
  • Validate your access and select product pack as “Oracle Business Intelligence” for Windows 32 bit.
  • Hit search and select Oracle BI 10.1.3
  • Hit continue and will show list of pertinent software.
  • Download the relevant archived files. I had to download three archived files for this installation “Oracle BI Suite EE”
  • After downloaded extract all the archived files in one single folder.
  • Under the extracted folder, navigate to Server section and click setup.exe
  • This will launch the wizard to install
  • Most of them are pretty straightforward except for below parameters
  • Choose Microsoft IIS as Application Server
  • Choose the directory where JDK was installed
  • Choose the password for Administrator password for OC4J.
  • For more specifics look at the Installation guide
  • Reboot the machine
  • Make sure Oracle BI Services have started
  • Access Oracle BI using the following link. http:///analytics/saw.dll?Dashboard
  • Login using the default username/password Administrator/Administrator
  • You should see some charts and some numbers of the repository Paint.rpd

These steps are much simpler to follow compared to the actual installation guide. It took be at least half a day in reading and doing the setup. If you have any questions please do comment here.

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