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SAP ABAP Architecture |Pre-requisites | SAP ABAP Future Scope

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020


Learn about SAP ABAP Architecture and it's pre-requisites, screen navigation, SAP ABAP modules, SAP ABAP future scope. Providing SAP ABAP online Training.


SAP ABAP Definition:

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming, at first Allgemeiner Berichts-Aufbereitungs-Prozessor, German for "popular document advent processor") is an excessive-degree programming language created by means of the German software program organization SAP SE. It is presently located, along with Java, because the language for programming the SAP Application Server, that's a part of the Netweaver platform for building business packages.


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Need to have a fundamental knowledge of Java programming and Database technology like PL/SQL.

SAP ABAP Architecture:

The 3-tier Client/Server architecture of a typical SAP system is depicted as follows.

sap abap architecture

Presentation layer: The Presentation layer consists of an input device that can be used to control SAP system. This could be a web browser, a mobile device and so on.

Application layer: All the central processing takes place in an Application Server. The Application server is not just one system in itself, but it can be multiple instances of the processing system.

Database layer: The server communicates with the Database layer that is usually kept on a separate server, mainly for performance reasons and also for security.

Communication happens between each layer of the system, from the Presentation layer to the Database and then back up the chain.

Inside the database, ABAP code exists in two forms −

  • Sourcecode: It can be viewed and edited with the ABAP workbench tools.
  • Generated code: It is a binary representation. If you are familiar with Java, this generated code is somewhat comparable with Java bytecode.

The run-time machine can be considered as a digital gadget, just much like Java virtual machine. A key thing of the ABAP run-time device is the database interface that turns database impartial statements (Open SQL) into the statements understood by using the underlying database (Native SQL). SAP can work with a wide sort of databases and the equal ABAP application can run on all of those.


Reports are a good starting point for familiarizing yourself with general ABAP principles and tools. ABAP reports are used in many areas.


Each ABAP declaration starts with an ABAP keyword and ends with a period. Keywords have to be separated with the aid of at the least one area. It does not be counted whether or not you use one or numerous strains for an ABAP announcement.

You need to enter your code the usage of the ABAP Editor this is a part of ABAP Tools delivered with the SAP Netweaver Application Server ABAP (additionally called ‘AS ABAP’).

‘AS ABAP’ is an application server with its very own database, ABAP run-time environment, and ABAP improvement equipment which includes ABAP Editor. The AS ABAP offers a development platform this is impartial of hardware, running system, and database.

SAP ABAP - Screen Navigation:

In order to recognize SAP ABAP, you need to have the fundamental knowledge of monitors like Login, ABAP Editor, and Logout and so forth. This chapter focuses on on-screen navigation and the same old toolbar capability.

Login Screen:

After you go online to SAP server, SAP login display screen will prompt for User ID and Password. You need to offer a legitimate User ID and Password and press Enter (the User identification and password are provided by using the machine administrator).

Menu Bar −  The menu bar is the top line of a dialog window.

Standard Toolbar − Most standard functions including Top of Page, End of Page, Page Up, and Page Down and some are available in this toolbar.

Title Bar − Title Bar displays the call of the software/business method you are presently in.

Application Toolbar – In this toolbar, Application-specific menu options are available.

Command Field − we can start software without navigating via the menu transactions and a few logical codes are assigned to commercial enterprise strategies. Transaction codes are entered in the command area to immediately start the software.


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SAP ABAP - Function Modules:

Function modules are the main part of an SAP system, due to the fact for years SAP has modularized code the usage of feature modules, taking into account code reuse, by using themselves, their builders and additionally by using their customers.

To observe how to create characteristic modules, the function builder should be explored. You can find the characteristic builder with transaction code SE37. Just type part of a characteristic module name with a wildcard character to illustrate the way function modules may be searched for. Type *amount* after that press the F4 key.

The outcomes of the search might be displayed in a new window. The feature modules are displayed inside the strains with a blue background and their characteristic corporations in pink lines.

What is the future of SAP ABAP?

  • ABAP will not die for sure. Nothing dies in the IT industry completely. Even mainframes are there still. There are some scopes of everything in some corner in some projects. Some clients don’t upgrade because of the cost. Some doesn’t care to upgrade.
  • But new development would be on new technology. If you stick to the old technology, you would continue to be doing maintenance i.e. some changes, add 1–2 field, fixing bugs, maintaining labels/descriptions, etc.
  • Now the companies have much maintenance work on ABAP. So you may find managers/architects saying that “ABAP would be there. You could spend your life on ABAP.” Someday in future, if the company wouldn’t have work, it may strictly ask you to move on some different technology or terminate you. Companies don’t care much.
  • If you want to do some new implementation upgrade to sap ui5 or native Hana (Open SQL/ native SQL). Coding would be still there but its form is changed. Sometimes upgrade to new technology also satisfy your greed in terms of money and creativity (As you are doing something new/some change in life).
  • Some of the ABAPers already moved to Hana. Some would be moved in the near future. Some would be moved by companies in the next five years. Rest few would also have some scope in ABAP. Low demand would be there as well as low supply. So don’t worry too much.
  • It depends on what you choose. Moreover, ABAP would still be there in the future.

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