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PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.55 and 8.56 | Features and its Working

Last updated on Wed 18 Mar 2020


Oracle recently released PeopleTools 8.56 with more new features that are mean a lot to the PeopleSoft customers to increase their ROI in PeopleSoft.


PeopleTools 8.55 Launch

PeopleTools 8.55 turned into released for general availability in December of 2015, and Oracle has produced numerous pieces of documentation to aid in improve and installation overlaying a wide product variety together with development, reporting and analytics, integration, management, and existence cycle control.

The intention of launching 8.55:  The main intention to release people tool 8.55 is to extend the abilities of PeopleSoft Fluid to include capability required with the aid of Power Users and to make the general application experience as intuitive as possible.

With the release of PeopleTools 8.55, Oracle has added to marketplace numerous exciting new features that PeopleSoft customers will utilize and benefit from. Not most effective are there enhancements to capabilities from preceding PeopleTools releases, but there are also new features in areas inclusive of Usability, Selective Adoption, Fluid UI, Application Lifecycle Management, Reporting and Analytics, Monitoring and Cloud.

Top Four New Features that you should know in PeopleTools 8.55

Fluid Enhancements:

With Tools 8.55, the PeopleSoft application homepage provided to the end user could be Fluid by way of default and the navigation shall be thru this new Fluid interface for all pages (fluid and classic).

PeopleSoft applications want to show and run on a wide variety of cell devices. To cope with this enterprise call for, PeopleTools allows you to develop and personalize components and pages for a fluid show when working on supported cellular devices.


Dashboards provide dedicated homes for specific roles and functions. With NavBar: Navigator, the navigation is faster in 8.55 and is context sensitive too.

Fluid Dashboards augment the current Fluid Home Page systems. Dashboards can show tiled content material similar to home pages, but additionally permit Tiles to display external, non-PeopleSoft content such as information from a BI gadget or an outside website or software device.

Tile Wizard   The new tile wizard makes tile advent easy, and Oracle recommends users to exchange for the use of tiles. Users can put up their reports to a vital repository for others to use. PeopleTools 8.55 introduces a new Tile Wizard that makes the creation of navigation elements and procedure “building blocks” a whole lot less complicated. Tiles robotically resize based on the content material they display, the size of the device being used and the orientation of the device.

 Reporting and Analytics:

Reporting, BI Publisher, PS Query, Composite question and others come with prolonged abilities and so do SQR, nVision. For instance, BI Publisher offers you the functionality to email reports to external customers without a user profile, and potential to convert more than one kinds of documents to PDF and integrate them right into a single PDF file etc.

Crystal Reports will no longer be supported. However, the principal announcement and the most thrilling characteristic in Reporting and Analytics by way of some distance is Simplified Analytics. Simplified Analytics, the usage of Self-Service Pivot Grids, and in context with transactions, allows customers to determine and select the analytic content material this is valuable to them.

End-users can create their very own analytics in the context of the cutting-edge transaction. Administrators can create and push prepared reports to stop-users. Pivot grids may be used for a consumer interface for each keyword and dependent search. New search engines like Google shall have better overall performance and be simpler to control.

Users can now experience in greater replace manager analytics, do customization analysis, test effect evaluation and leverage the energy of PeopleSoft lifecycle management gear inclusive of PeopleSoft Test Framework and its test automation complete.

PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture (PCA):

The PCA and included functions along with Deployment Packages (DPKs) work with the Application Configuration Manager (ACM) and PeopleSoft’s virtualization talents to offer clients a near absolutely automated manner to install and configure PeopleTools.

The new functionalities help customers to leverage server and data center improvements, which include marketplace-main resource virtualization solutions with the selection of virtualization platform supplier in addition to dynamic deployment of solutions to public and personal cloud structures.

Many customers are looking to cloud offerings as a strategic opportunity to reap improved leverage and efficiency. As a response to that need, PeopleTools 8.55 gives PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture (PCA) as a Platform as a Service (PaaS), offering new stages of automation to reduce running charges and allow groups to migrate their enterprise approaches to the cloud.

On-premises clients will still be able to enjoy the functions of the cloud without transitioning to hosted surroundings. However, for the one's agencies who need to start transferring components of their infrastructure to the cloud to reduce overhead fees and boom efficiency, the PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture sets organizations up for fulfillment.

PeopleTools 8.55 affords PeopleSoft customers with extended ranges of flexibleness and customization, growing tailored solutions that work fine for them.


- PeopleTools 8.55 dramatically extends funding inside the Fluid User Experience.

- PeopleTools 8.55 gives giant upgrades throughout the complete product footprint.

- Added new functions that improve the productiveness of your developers in addition to your end users.

- It might be less difficult to deploy PeopleSoft packages on the cloud, develop custom cellular packages that comprise PeopleSoft information and provide your customers customized access to PeopleSoft facts and analytic content material.

- This launch builds functionality into the product due to direct consumer input, enterprise analysis, and internal feature layout.

- New features, computer virus fixes, and product certifications integrate to provide PeopleSoft customers improved application user experience and operational performance.

 PeopleTools 8.56 Launch

PeopleTools 8.56 is also now generally available for install and upgrade.  As is the case with all major PeopleTools releases, it's loaded with new features.

Ability to have a common look to the user interface in each software, irrespective of the underlying Fluid or Classic era.

An open source search generation with proven achievement, with a purpose to be easier to install and manage.

Lifecycle control process that lets change be decided on immediately from analytics.

More platform assists for the PeopleSoft Deployment Framework.

And it’s less complicated than ever to lift and run your PeopleSoft programs in the Oracle Cloud.

Top Three New Features You Must Know In PeopleTools 8.56:

Classic Plus:

Oracle announced Classic Plus. This is one of the best capabilities you would get with the more modern tool's launch. You could get to transform all your current classic additives to fit the fluid web page's styling within just about 5 mins of time. So every time a person navigates from fluid element to classic or vice versa, it will likely be an unbroken technique.

One fundamental element you need to note right here is that the style simplest fits the appearance and experience and does no longer include the responsive or fluid UX features.

Classic Plus Component Setting: Use “Apply Fluid-Like theme for Classic” in Style tab of component properties to use fluid-like classic plus style to a classic factor definition.

When an end user interacts with both fluid and classic additives, this feature will offer comparable styling for the greater uniform experience.

To work this, you need to permit “Fluid like a subject matter for Classic” in Branding System Options page on the system degree and then permit the belongings for the components.

PUM Enhancements:

New information could be supplied at the PeopleSoft Update Manager homepage to assist the technical and commercial enterprise analyst to evaluate the repute of maintenance and new features.

PeopleTools is including the potential to differentiate all of the delivered changes between renovation or bugs and new characteristic or enhancement. Separating those will provide you with a better knowledge of the health of the device as well as the range of latest features you have or may want to adopt.

There are many improvements to the PeopleSoft Update Manager which allows picking out and observing the proper worm restore or characteristic. There is much new analytics along with Enhancement via Image, Enhancement by using Product and many others to help you pick out the proper restoration.

It is now easy to take movements including adding a restore to exchange Package and many others from the analytics.

The PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF):

PeopleSoft Test Framework might be the capability to drive a test without delay from the results of a query with this selection, you may be able to execute a PeopleSoft Query from the PTF client at the back-end, and run a test using the results to populate test date.

Now your exceptional assurance engineers will have a much simpler time building test instances which might be portable and might execute commonly, irrespective of the nation of the check records.

PeopleSoft Test Framework introduces a feature to allow automated recording of the drag and capability inside Fluid Applications. It is updated to make you run the test based on the result set of a query execution which could boost the productivity of your QA team. The PTF now also support testing on Charts.

Working of PeopleTools 8.56

In PeopleTools 8.56, there could be an international choice to permit the Classic Plus style sheet. Once that choice is enabled, every component may have a brand new flag inside Application Designer which tells it to use the Classic Plus style. You can choose to roll out Classic Plus to a subset of additives with this flag. If you would really like to use this putting in mass, there will also be a script introduced for that motive.

Once a thing is converted to Classic Plus, that component will want to go through some simple checking out. Because the new style sheet modifications sizes and padding, it may disrupt the alignment at the web page. Elements might also no longer line up, they will begin to wrap beneath other elements or the page might also begin displaying scrollbars. Each factor will then need to be adjusted to restore these troubles.

Custom Components on Classic Plus

You ought to plan to transform your custom components to assist Classic Plus as properly. To try this, allocate time after the 8.56 PeopleTools upgrade.

The method of adopting Classic Plus should follow these steps:

Step 1: Upgrade to PeopleTools 8.56.

Step 2: Turn on worldwide Classic Plus putting.

Step 3: Open the factor and turn on “Apply Fluid like a topic for Classic” for that element.

Step 4: Test the aspect’s layout and regulate the page(s) where vital.

Step 5: Go to Step three for the subsequent factor until entire.

Once Classic Plus and Fluid components are absolutely carried out, the complete PeopleSoft revel in might be using the updated styles.


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