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Overview of Dell Bhoomi Online Training

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020


Dell Bhoomi Online Training Course - IQ Online Training | Covers all fundamental concepts with real time examples | Call Us@ +19043042519


Dell Bhoomi AtomSphere is a multi-tenant cloud integration tool used to connecting the cloud and on-premises data and applications on-demand. Dell Bhoomi enables customers to design Atoms, refer to cloud based integration processes and transfer data between on-premises applications and cloud. Atom defines what is necessary for the integration. In job point of there are huge vacancies in this Cloud integration platform. IQ Online training will train you with real time examples and scenarios. Dell Bhoomi Online Training course at IQ Tech provides online training sessions with most experienced trainers who are actively working with top MNCs.

Cloud Computing is the latest technology which makes database management very easy. Because in the evolvement of cloud - based integration technologies, it’s very simple to deal with database such as storing large amount of data and retrieving it. It was clearly explained by Dell Bhoomi Online Training course at IQ online training, provides in-depth knowledge all related concepts to manage cloud. AtomSphere supported applications helpful to small business and enterprise class products such as Quickbooks, Hadoop HDFS and Oracle E-business suite.

The latest version of Dell Bhoomi offers several new features such as Bhoomi Assure refers to crowd-sourcing testing option and bulk-copy feature that enables organizations to load large volume of data into database. Through this we can increase the number of integration projects with centrally manages. The approach of Dell Bhoomi for integration is based on configuration rather than code. It mainly consists of three phases namely Build, Deploy and Manage.

Build: Using User friendly visual tool, you can easily build your integrations and drag & drop pre-built connectors.

Deploy: Depending on the client requirement, integration connectors will be deployed into cloud or third party applications.

Manage: Managing refers to administration of deployed process. Dell Bhoomi supports lot of transport methods such as FTP, FTPS, HTTP, SFTP, HTTPS, SMTP, JDBC/ ODBC and also supports standards based web services such as REST, SOAP and JNDI, etc.

IQ Online Training’s Dell Bhoomi Training course mainly focuses on the AtomSphere integration platform and cloud concepts and covers all basic and fundamental topics with real time examples. The prerequisites of Dell Bhoomi Online Training course at IQ Tech are, knowledge on XML and cloud based concepts will be helpful.

IQ Tech delivers Dell Bhoomi Online training sessions through Instructor-Led live type, through this you can understand easily and can interact with the trainer in a simple way to clarify doubts. IQ Online training is one of the leading online training providers in Dell Bhoomi AtomSphere.

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