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What You Need to Know About JQuery

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020



JQuery is a Javascript library, and it is a language designed to simplify the client-side scripts in the browser. It was designed by John Resig at BarCamp New York in 2006. It is an open source software under licenses from MIT and GPL merged. Jquery 1.9.1 is the latest version disponible in the query official site.

Jquery technical Overview:

You will find the slogan with the jQuery logo: “Write less, Do more “. In fact, you can make pleasant effects with a few lines of JQuery code. Its syntax is very easy to understand.

As a  JQuery beginner; code once you understand the basic concepts accessible in the next tutorials. JQuery is particularly suitable for:

- Design animations.

- Handle browser  events.

- Loading Content using AJAX programs.

- Create Awesome sliders like the one on our Home page.

- Build professional Mobile phone Applications.

It also used in creating web pages and dynamic elements. It allows developers to generate plugins that are compatible with a wide number of platforms such as: Adobe Dreamweaver, Wordpress, Joomla... etc..

Thousands of JQuery plugins are available on the web. Among the most common were assistants AJAX data grids, XML tools, drag and drop, the manipulators Cookies, etc.. You can find the best plugins in the jQuery official page.

What makes jQuery so powerful and universal?

The JavaScript language was born in 1995. Since then, its implementation in various browsers (Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox...) on the market has made ​​a rather haphazard way: over the various versions (both language browsers), some features have been retained, others do not. Thus, a single instruction can be recognized JavaScript in a browser and not in another, even in some version of a browser and not in another. What a headache for programmers!

Fortunately, the query comes to the rescue: defines its own set of instructions, it acts as a wrapper for

Different versions of JavaScript, whether existing or coming. On the other hand, it allows browsers present on the market, their multiple versions and their compatibility with the instructions of JavaScript and AJAX.

For a script written in JavaScript to run correctly on different versions of each browser,

Programmer-like you-must set up a series of tests and run a specific code for each browser and version,

As shown in the following figure:

Javascript browser test

With JQuery, these tests are unnecessary: just run the necessary instructions, regardless of the browser used, or version of JavaScript suited with this browser.

Where applicable, all these tests are made ​​so transparent. In your case, you only have to worry about the code.

Remember, JQuery is very convenient, but do not enjoy and think only of the visual development: a page must foremost based on solid HTML basis!

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