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Most Comprehensive Guidewire Online Training Course!

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020



A Guidewire is a Software Publisher established in the year 2001 based in California. Guidewire Software Inc. offers Core Back-End property to the all Insurance companies to minimize their IT Workflow and to simplify the Insurance Transactions. It is mostly beneficial to the Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance carries in U.S and Worldwide. This is the first software that combines three important elements of Insurance Industry, namely Core Processing, data Analytics and Digital Engagement.

Guidewire was ranked as one of the Top IPOs of 2012 along with 50 most desirable mod-size Bay Area Companies. In order to Minimize and Ease out the Insurance transactions Guidewire supports top three notch products, Claim Center, Policy Center and Billing Center. As the name suggests Policy Center means Handling of Claims Life Cycle, Policy Center guides you on Purchase policies based on your needs and requirements and Billing Center tells you how to simplify the transactions by integrating Claim Center and Policy Center.

IQ Online Training provides in depth knowledge on these three notch components of Guidewire Suite. Guidewire Online Training course of IQ Online Training Clearly explains Scope of Guidewire Online Course in the future and how it is beneficial when comparing with other Insurance products such as Duckcreek, Exigen, Stoneriver, etc,.

At the end of the Guidewire Online Training Course at IQ Online Training you are aware at Guidewire Fundaments Concepts, Different Business Prototypes, Guidewire suite Configuration and how to organize Claim Center.

The Key Factors at IQ Guidewire Online Training :-

  • Provides In-depth Knowledge on Guidewire Software.
  • Explains what are Policy Transactions and Policy Center Entities.
  • Gives Overview on Policy Center Configuration.
  • Clearly explains what is product model and their configuration.
  • Explains what is Coverage, Coverage Configuration and terms.
  • Explains what is Insurance Process and their Techniques.
  • Gives an idea on Validation rules and classes.
  • Provides In-depth Knowledge on Integration and Web services.
  • Guides you to implement Guidewire practically.

IQ Online Training will make you expertise in Guidewire Suite. In the training sessions you will be trained in a practically way, our Expertise Faculties will teach you in a easy understandable way with real time examples.

The main aim of the IQ Tech is to provide quality training to the candidates and make them as expertise in Guidewire Suite. IQ Online Training covers all basic concepts, technological terms, Insurance company processes, techniques, business prototypes and all.

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