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Teradata | Latest Updates And Upcoming Release On Versions

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020


Teradata is a fully the scalable RDBMS produced by Teradata Corp. They announced  the upcoming release about the versions of Teradata.


Teradata Introduction

Teradata is a fully the scalable RDBMS (Relational database Management System) produced by Teradata Corp. It is mainly used to manage large data warehousing operations.

Teradata Database

Teradata Versions:

We Heard Of About The Following Teradata Versions

- Teradatav2r5

- Teradatav2r6

- Teradata12

- Teradata13

- Teradata 13.10

These Are The Teradata Versions We Heard Off  Previously.

Updates On Teradata:

But Now There Is A Latest Version On Teradata That Is…Teradata 14

Now Teradata 14 is the Latest Version.

And Also There Is An Upcoming Release On Teradata That Is…Teradata 14.10

As The Date Of This Upcoming Release Is Not Yet Declared We’re Waiting For This…To See The New Features😊

Actually, Teradata acts as a single data store that accepts a large number of concurrent request from multiple client applications. The major features of Teradata are as follows:

  • Parallel efficiency
  • Complete scalability
  • Parallelism shared among several users
  • Execution of complex queries

The components included in the Teradata database system to support data communication management are as follows:

  • Call level interface (CLI)
  • WinCLI and open database connectivity (ODBC)
  • Teradata Director Program (TDP)
  • Micro TDP



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