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Introduction to SharePoint | Features and Workload of SharePoint

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020


Introduction to sharepoint tutorial and training. Read to know about sharepoint features and workloads.


What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. It is typically offered as a report management and storage device, launched in 2001 but the product is fairly configurable and utilization varies considerably between corporations.

  • It lets in corporations to install a centralized, password-included area for file sharing.
  • Documents may be saved, downloaded and edited, then uploaded for persisted sharing.
  • SharePoint gives one of these wide arrays of capabilities that it's far very hard for anybody character to be a professional across all the workloads.

SharePoint is divided into 3 separate regions −


Collaboration contains a very strong theme for SharePoint. It is the method of bringing people together thru specific types of collaboration, consisting of corporation content material control, Web content material control, social computing, discoverability of human beings and their skills.


SharePoint is likewise bringing this collaboration together thru interoperability. This is nothing but workplace consumer and web-based totally document integration, and the functionality to construct and deploy office business applications (OBAs) - custom answers that integrate line-of-business(LOB) records with SharePoint and office, integrating with Web 2.0 technologies, or deploying programs to the cloud. It is also the method of enhanced safety through an evolved security version called Claims-Based Authentication that allows facilitating integration with different line-of-business (LOB) systems.


SharePoint is a platform that not only supports interoperability and collaboration but also extensibility.

It supports through a rich object model, a solid set of developer tools, and a growing developer community.

In its essence, SharePoint is a web-based platform that provides the following:

- A set of native capabilities to support productivity and collaboration.

- An extensible set of APIs and services.

- A configuration engine that provides rich administrative abilities.


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Key Features of SharePoint Foundation

Following are a number of the predominant functions, which can be answerable for its extensive adoption in companies.

  • Effective document and challenge collaboration − Team websites access to statistics in a significant region.
  • Reduced implementation and deployment assets − SharePoint Foundation is available to Windows Server clients as a free download, with the assist of which implementation time and value are significantly reduced.
  • Better manipulate of your business enterprise’s critical commercial enterprise records − SharePoint Foundation additionally offers functions for records and data control and safety.
  • Embrace the internet for collaboration − By extending and customizing SharePoint Foundation

Following are the workloads, which were added in SharePoint 2010 –

- Sites

- Communities

- Content

- Search

- Insights

- Composites

  • Sites and communities are used to store and manage information as well as to collaborate with colleagues.
  • Use the features of content management to set up compliance features for the information stored.
  • Content management also allows you to use the information in your working environment like Microsoft Office.
  • Search allows you to retrieve information independent of their storage or to find people with the skills needed.
  • Insights allow you to get, to prepare and to visualize (business) information stored in a different repository.
  • SharePoint provides a solution to all the information management needs with secure and remote access.
  • Furthermore, SharePoint can be enhanced with no-code solutions called Composites.

Benefits of SharePoint:

Following are the benefits of SharePoint

Benefits of sharepoint

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