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VMWARE is a company established in the year of 1998. This the first company that provides Virtualization and Cloud Computing providers for x86 based computers. The Headquarters are located in Palo Alto, California. In the year of 2004 it becomes subsidiary of EMC. The first product launched by them in the market is VMWare GSX Server and VMWare ESX server in the year 2001. The majority of the people uses VMWare virtualization software programs for business use only. So, it becomes commercial product later on.

There three main types of virtualization software that includes,

  1. Desktop.
  2. Server.
  3. Cloud management software.


There are some of the most important server virtualization software in its product line are VMWare, vSphere, and VMWare Server.

VMware is almost compatible with all types of Oss such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS, etc. In real VMware provides three different types of desktop software:

  • VMware Workstation:- This VMware Workstation application is used to install and run multiple copies or instances of the same OS or different operating systems on a single physical computer.
  • VMware Fusion: - This product was designed for Mac OS and provides extra compatibility with all other VMware products and applications.
  • VMware Player: - This product was launched as freeware by VMware for users who do not have licensed VMWare products. This product is intended only for personal use.


How it works:-

VMware is the leading Virtualization and Cloud Service Provider Since 1999. By using VMware it is possible that we can run more than one instances of the operating system to run on the same server. By this we can run 16 instances of VM virtual machines on a single physical layer. It acts as interface between the Hardware and operating system on the server. It increases the capacity of the hardware by dividing the memory into slots and allocate it to the own processors and memory. The usage of the memory can be limited dynamically or manually. The advantage of using VMware is that you can limit the memory for unused tasks by reducing memory allocation, you can sue that memory to the others.

Every Virtual Machine is already designed with an application and an operating system. Each VM can work independently without contacting with another virtual machine the individual servers are same as the physical servers. VM virtual machine is highly efficient as it only leaves 1% of the footprint on the hardware.

VMWare also offers device drivers for most of the major brand name devices. The configuration is also very simple, for example, If you install new hardware on server, you can easily reconfigure it without causing any visible changes on the virtual guest OS. After reconfiguration it boots and started the service automatically.


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