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What is informatica | Informatica Basics | Top companies using Informatica

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020


Informatica is one of the popular ETL tools for data quality services with wide industry coverage. Learn Informatica Basics and Top companies using Informatica.


What is data integration?

As the name suggests, it is the integration or combining of data from different sources and showing a single or unified view of them. Data integration can be between two companies that want to merge their data or to get combining results from two different repositories. The data accumulated from different sources within a company is called a data warehouse.

Enterprise’s data warehouse is probably one of the well-known implementations of data integration

What is Informatica?

Informatica is a company that provides data integration products and services which is launched in 1993. The company went public in 1999.

Informatica is an ETL tool which is for data integration. Informatica is one of the popular ETL tools for data quality services with wide industry coverage.

Informatica mainly works on various forms of data integration like extract, transform, load, B2B data exchange, master data management, data replication, ultra messaging, cloud computing integration, event processing etc. Which form a toolset for establishing and maintaining data Warehouses.

Informatica is better than most of its competitors because of its wide range of product editions.

Informatica along Tableau Software are working together to deliver great business insights at the required pace.


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Top products of Informatica

In 2006, Informatica announced a "cloud business".

  • Enterprise Data Lake
  • Data Integration Hub
  • Data as a Services
  • Secure@Source
  • Big Data Management
  • Customer360
  • Multidomain MDM
  • Axon Data Governance
  • PowerCenter
  • Big Data Streaming
  • Product 360
  • Connectors

There is a big list of products of Informatica but, here I’ve mentioned a few top products.

Why do we need Informatica?

Whenever we want to perform operations on data at the backend, Informatica comes into play. The operations can be cleaning data, modifying data etc. based on some rules. It offers many other awesome features like scheduling of data operation, multi-structured or semi-structured or unstructured data integration etc.

What is Informatica PowerCenter?   

It is an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool used in building data warehouses. The power center mainly consists of client tools, repository, server and repository server. Here the server executes the task based on the given workflow. The processes involved in the program are designed in mapping designer which connects the source and target. It is a pictorial representation that shows the flow of the data.


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 Which companies are using Informatica?  

Informatica has become a market leader in ETL because of its wide usage. Here are a few big names that use Informatica.

Barclays, Societe general, Volkswagen, schlumberger, principal financial service, Expedia, Deloitte, MasterCard, ZS associate, John deer, BNP Paribas, Amex, Allstate, Morgan Stanley, Eaton, FedEx, ADP, Amdocs, BMC, Inautix, Fidelity, Credit suisse, Deutsche Bank

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