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How to Use Salesforce in Real Time: Salesforce Integration Concepts

Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020



Nowadays people tend to think of sales force tools as being online tools, but the overwhelming amount of sales are still made off line on the street and in the mall. A good sales campaign should take into account where the majority of sales are expected to come from - on or off line - and focus the sales force tools in that direction without ignoring the other aspect either. It helps to have a list of all the sales force tools in order to choose which ones’ best suit the campaign you want to run

Sales Force Tools

In fact, sales force tools are not only promotional tools. Sales force tools also encompass methods of recording sales and even mobile phones or computers for placing the orders the sales force receives. This gives an idea of the depth of the term 'sales force tools'.

However, we will concentrate on promotional sales force tools on this web page. First, a list of ten of the best off line promotional sales first tools:

1] newspaper adverts: this includes block ads, classifieds and personals

2] shop windows and supermarket notice boards: put a postcard-size ad in the newsagent's window and on the supermarket's notice board

3] radio: does not have to be expensive, ask and thou shalt receive

4] TV: OK, this is out of the reach of many people, but make sure you have asked before you write it off

5] sign-written-vehicles: a very effective selling technique. Have the sign written on transparent vinyl, so you can change it

6] free-ads, magazines and newspapers: why not? It is free

7] posters and fliers: put up posters and give the newsagent a thousand fliers to insert in the newspapers

8] giveaways and promotional gifts: keep your name in front of the eyes of prospective customers with gifts like calendars, pencil sharpeners, pens, etc.

9] competitions: run a competition in the local paper and give a prize

10] press releases: another free way of telling the community what you are up to

And a list of the ten best on line sales force tools:

1] articles: write useful articles about your products and post them to databases which are read by people who may need your product

2] sig file: add a signature file with a link to your web site at the end of every email you send and every post you make

3] RSS: allow other webmasters to feature your articles by providing an RSS feed for them

4] blog: find blogs that are relevant to your products and interact with them but do not spam or be pushy

5] classifieds: online classifieds can be relevant for some products

6] PPC: pay-per-click advertising is a very effective way of advertising, if you know how to use it otherwise it is an expensive waste of time

7] web sites: if you are selling online, you should have at least one web site. Some people say it is not necessary, but I do not believe them

8] eBooks and free reports: write on the subject that your product has to do with and give it away with your links embedded in it

9] links: exchange links to your site with non-competitive, but complementary websites

10] list: build lists of happy customers and email them about your latest offers.

These lists of sales force tools are not exhaustive and are not in any special order because your selection of which sales force tools to use for a campaign could vary depending on the product you are promoting. If you are interested to Learn More about salesforce Check out our Salesforce online Training. If you Want more information please visit……..


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