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Last updated on Tue 17 Mar 2020




Teradata is a RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) which will be based on Symmetric Multiprocessing technology that help to manage the large Data Warehousing Operation.

As the primary focus of Teradata is to helping the companies in order to organize and boost their analytical capabilities and as well in order to consolidate the Core Business Objectives.

                  Features of Teradata:

  • Teradata combines new-age Multiprocessing System Technology with the Communication Network to form Parallel Processing Systems that operate with high Efficiency.
  • The Teradata platform act as singular data source who houses the multiple large requests simultaneously from different Client of Applications and the Execution of Complex Queries.
  • Unlike as other analytical software’s which often fail in one direction when scaled in another, Teradata fully scalable irrespective Data Executions and the volume of Data Operation
  • It also offers loading distribution among the multiple users as well as the Parallel Efficiency, and it has ability to execute all the tasks with a maximum of 265 join. With such Optimized functioning and most large Organizations prefer to operate on TeraData’s Platform ability to perform the tasks with High amounts of volume.


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               Utilities of Teradata:

  • Teradata product will refer as "Data Warehouse System" which manages and Stores the Data.
  • As Data Warehouse use "Shared Nothing Architecture”, means that the each Server Node has its Own Memory and Own Processing Power. And adding more Servers and Nodes increase the Amount of Data to store.
  • As the Database Software proceeds on the Spreads and the Servers which workload among them. Teradata add the text Analytics to track Unstructured Data, such as Semi-Structured data Word Processor Document, and Spreadsheets.
  • Teradata has Supplier Diversity Program which designate minimum of 3 to 5% to spend on the Small Business Vendors.It also named one of the "World's Most Ethical Companies.
  • Teradata holds the Expo known as Teradata Partners with a keynote industry speaker and Annual User group Conference, Educational Sessions led by other Vendors and Customers.

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